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SUPERFUTURE GHETTO thread: All things Supertalk

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Hey, I thought I'd start and pin this thread. It's essentially a place for all displaced Superfuture people to congregate and discuss the fate of ST, the denim competition, and other things purely Superfuture related. I totally encourage everyone to enjoy their stay here though, to participate in the Streetwear and Denim forum, and, for the particularly brave, to discuss Edward Green lasts and Attolini vs. Borrelli's version of the Neapolitan silhouette in the Men's Clothing forum.


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cool beans! (and green mean pizza eating machines)

i step into "Mens Clothing" and the other forums once a month or so (mostly to giggle at that pollock guy) and run away in fear every time... its scary outside my warm and slubby world of denim.
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Nice thought, LA guy. Now. Back to the party. Gotta Keep mingling, people.
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don't worry it's only a shower... thanks, fok! this thread is like a methadone clinic for superjunkies! lolzors glad i can just pop in here and type w/o caps, then return to the rest of the forum and type all proper-like, tut-tut. lolzors x2
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i'm in vancouver and yesterday i spotted imperials for the first time. they were black/greyi sh... the dude removed the stitching so they left a black mark on his ass. !!
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thanks fok... this should be nice... superfuture without minya being able to erase my posts... and we even have hap here? wow.

i also encourge the more timid SF members to venture in the forums... interesting shit out there. guys as obsessive about pocket squares as you are about jeans.
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hahaha ho-chi-MIN-YA is powerless here! bwouhahaha!!! superconfession: i like looking at shoe porn, particularly whole-cut cordovan shoes...
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so... just throwing out a topic here to get the ball rolling. I hear that the S0505xx has been discountinued, but it seems like the S0710WX (on eof the import models) is meant to take its place... guys got any details on these babies or any of the other import models?

Also, I was contemplating picking up a pair of s0500 at BiG and muscling in on your guys' contest... but only if they fit right and the price was good. We'll see this weekend or next...
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i know what you mean.... man, i saw a pair of whole cut black AE carovans once at a thrift store, brand new, for 20$ a size smaller and they would have been mine. beautiful shoe.
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MMMMMMMMMMM I like felled inseams!
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we're like refugees that don;t have anywhere else to go
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I'm wearing the sammy's export S0710WX's right now & I love them... I have been rocking them hard for almost four weeks. They are by far the slim-est pair of sammy's out there. As told to me by the take5 cru in HK....where I bought them from...
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we should take over another forum, hjow about that one forum that keri and whats his face runs. since superfuture has not been stable for a while. lets take all the main cabinet members and start our own parliament. somewhere else. we want our own land. just like the palestinians! where we could bs' in peace where the mods dont screw around with polls.
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authenticforum? is that it? that could be fun. ill see you over there and our own board? ok. just let me be a mod... we can remake the entire landscape.... destroy all other forums!!!!!!!... well.... maybe not....
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