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Originally Posted by colin_
yeah most of my jeans are <6 inches. just comes with the territory of size 26 or 27.

as far as the joeys.. for some reason I had the impression their leg opening was a tad bigger, than say hobokens. just looks like it from the pictures. the ones chris has are not the joeys and I have a feeling those are tighter/smaller opening than they joeys. not certain though.
yeah...when you are a 27 it is hard to keep the hems from getting really small. i think the one that chris got is a girls jean, but i am not certain. the measurements i provided are from a pair of joey cords, which the cord material is amazing btw. i personally don't like the look of skin tight skinny jeans and much prefer the anti fit slouch look. oh, the model chris as is the pixel. there used to be a cut inbetween sinner and the joey and it was called the epoxy but i don't think they still make it. to the dude that just got them...the overdrive denim is ill.
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Originally Posted by Bungee Man
14in. across
hmm. well thats good. for some reason all the measurements I've found on other sites size them almost 2" larger than marked.

vmike- yeah I wasn't sure on the name. im liking the joey colordrive in grey. I also saw some purple (non-denim) pants that looked good.
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Any chance we'll get some pictures?
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mine only measure six inches across the hem. so im pretty sure they're essentially the joey cut with a curved leg.

the navy corduroys are gorgeous. im gonna order a pair of those, as well as the joey overdrive, and possibly the red colordrive. id get the grey ones as well if i could find a pair, but apparently april 77 isnt sending any of those out?
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some pictures of the joey overdrive:

pixel entombed:

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those joeys look fantastic!

chris what do you do for money man?

wanna be my sugar daddy?
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Originally Posted by cultpop 0217
those joeys look fantastic!

chris what do you do for money man?

wanna be my sugar daddy?
im a ho, remember?
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Yep!, those are them. I would take pictures, but my camera doesn't work anymore. I really wanna get some of those cords too! I'll try to post some pics when my camera gets fixed.
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im confused though. i was told that the overdrive was non-stretch. but according to the website i got those pictures from, they're an elastane blend?

bungee man, where did you get yours, and are they stretch or non-stretch?
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I got mine from Seven New York. They are stretch, 98% cotton 2% elasthan.
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Very nice looking jeans.
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am i the only one who thinks they look like crap? the guitar pick is super stupid and the wrangler patch is so so as well. For that look, and for what you have Chris, how are those different than the diors?
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Hey Chris. I think the April77's look ace for sure. Are the legs on those cut like a bowleg with angled leg opening hems? It may just be the photo. And is that a guitar pic pocket? That looks cool, do you have any close-up shots of it? Anyway nice one man, they fit you swell and are well rock n roll
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the funny thing is the clothing is actually quite inexpensive in france. on they go for about 40-50 euros a pop. the company's philosophy is the sell them cheap but in limited quantities in select stores to keep the brand exclusive. i just looked at their stuff not to long and go and the material and quality is excellent, and the outerwear is great. i am so glad the only nice store where i live started carrying them. i am not sure how i feel about the really tight models but some are really nice. i also don't like the back patch...if i ever got a pair i would take it off.
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nice look and fit for you chris. something i will never be able to pull off though. i like this slim/skinny fit. sd103's are just about as slim as i can go.

anyone of thicker build ever try to pull of this look? i'm 5'6'' 145lbs and can squat 330lbs.
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