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Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife
I dunno, the Jodhpurs are just ultra-sexy to me. Maybe it is due to a recent exposure to an equestrian-themed Madonna concert.
i dont know about the whole madonna thing, but i really like those boots also.
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Originally Posted by cheapmutha
ive had clarks last me many years. the soles are more durable than you would think. if you want the clarks, pm me.... i got them cheap and can let them go cheap. they are the light sand color.
Augh. Unfortunately, I don't have anything that would go with that color at all, or I'd take you up on that. I appreciate the offer, though.
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not a problem at all.
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I bet suede would do pretty well with dye... I'd try applying leather dye with a sponge and I bet you could make them any color for like 8 bucks.

I really like those jodhpurs. Too bad I already have two similar boots. The chelseas are still nice (in brown only) but the jods look much better.
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I just wanted to call your attention to the formality of those Jodphur boots, and to a certain extent the suede Chelseas and Chukkas as well; they all have a rather slim, pointed toe (very English?). I bought a pair of imitation Clark's desert boots a while ago and was worried about how slim they looked, but they quickly stretched out, the crepe sole helps them adapt to your foot and gives them great shape and character. They look great with jeans...but are strictly casual. The light stone suede was impossible to keep clean. I also have a pair of dark brown suede Chelsea boots from that I'm starting to try and break in, but for now they seem slim, stiff, formal, and I think would only look good with something slim-legged, not baggier jeans...

My point is that it might be a good idea to imagine how you'll be wearing them before having them shipped.

Hope this helps,


P.S. If you're still in search of brown Clark's desert boots, you might try their website and search for locations that stock Clark's "Originals"...which they are.
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Welcome to the forum, migs. Very helpful post. I stay away from light suede Clarks for the same reason------not long before they stop having character and start looking homeless.
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Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife
The beeswax Treks are the BUSINESS! I've got 'em in brown suede-----the same pair has lasted me three years. They keep getting better. I'm wearing black suede Wallabees at the moment. I wish they made full-body models for me to nestle into for a good smothering to death.

pics of treks?
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im wearing them in yesterdays waywt.... i mean waywn.
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