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SCAM WARNING: Recent Paypal fraud

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Recently a couple members have written me asking for assistance with similar situations. In both cases a low-post-count user with a random-sounding Yahoo address offered them an item for sale via personal Paypal payment. In both cases the user had posted only a few times, usually in semi-broken English and overuse of smilies:
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Re: What did you eat last night for dinner? fish and chips
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If someone offers you an item and wants a personal Paypal payment, please be very cautious and check on their post history. If it seems sketchy DON'T DO A PERSONAL PAYMENT. As far as I know if you do a normal Paypal payment you at least have recourse if the seller is scamming you. I will alert the members who have been scammed by what seems to me the same person(s) to check on this thread and they might have more information. We try to keep this a safe and reliable marketplace but as always SF and its administrators disclaim all responsibility for transactions that take place in this venue. Thanks.
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I got screwed by this guy. It totally infuriates me that Paypal would grant an account to someone with an email address that doesn't work. Also, won't they have to link the PayPal account to a bank account? Why would someone be permitted to have multiple accounts? My new rule: don't sell to inexperienced posters unless they have trusted references that I've dealt with in the past. A tough $200 lesson
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Me too, same deal. One wrinkle is this - I did 2 transactions with the guy and the first one went fine, received product so I decided to buy something else from him. Intent - I'm sending you a PM, we might be able to track him down.
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Post his address.
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Originally Posted by intent View Post
Post his address.

+1 on full blast.
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Unfortunately I don't have his address - just a couple of BS email addresses. His name is reportedly "Ling Zhuang". The first item I did receive was shipped direct from Filson and apparently ordered by a sporting goods store in Minnesota which I am following up with. Failing that, I will follow up with Filson directly. I'll update this thread if I find any real info.

In case it's worth anything (I doubt it is), the guy's SF name was/is greystyle
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Slight update, but major in my mind: Since I'm such a medium timer and a PayPal preferred customer, I called the priority hotline and the agent allowed me to file a claim despite it being a personal payment (you can't do that online). Now we wait 10 days to see if the seller will contact me, or if a higher-up in PayPal will veto the claim.
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Im curious - did they ask you why you sent a personal payment for a "goods" transaction?
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Small update - I reached out to the sporting goods store and they said that they were also a victim in the fraud - I guess the scumbag was able to place the order using their account without their knowledge, and they don't know who it is.

I learned my lesson - no more transactions via personal payment with unknown sellers.

ps. we should setup a honeypot to snag this guy. He is the type of idiot who is bold enough to try again with a new account. For all we know he could have 20 accounts.
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Super glad i read this thread! I just got a PM from a guy that joined in November, only has 11 posts and most are broken english and the content of the posts is the same about, what he's drinking, and how far he ran today. I've got him on the hook, no payment has been arranged, i've asked for further details about item and a picture. PM me if you want to try to figure something out.
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You need to post his account name too.
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I dont really understand Paypal. I bought something online recently and ended up creating what i think was a paypal account.
IM currently trying to sell something and they wanted to pay through paypal, and im not sure what that requires of me.

I would prefer for people to transfer money directly into my account by me giving an IBAN number of my bank account. Is that a good way. D
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Is there anything I can do to protect myself from something like that happening to me. I don't have experience in the B/S forum but want to try to avoid a bad experience if possible.
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Buy from established members, and don't pay via personal payment (unless you have actually dealt with the individual). Also, fund the paypal transaction with a credit card. That way, you can dispute the charges with your bank if paypal won't help you.
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