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Originally Posted by ddohnggo
yup, saw it last week. shit is the bomb. my gf was going to get it for me, but it was size L. last size. can't even find a medium anywhere. oh well.

i got the m65 from blackbird today. nice coat, but i think i definitely made the right decision with swapping for the parka.

the three things i want from them right now: marine sweater in grey, work sweater ($560!!!), and the wax rider's jacket (won't be this, but the cut looks sick).

how much was the marine sweater? you probably got the best gf ever ddohnngo
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marine sweater was $210. she got me a raf simons sweater instead
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Love the marine sweater. I might go check that out once I get some time, $210 doesn't seem too bad either.

BTW, that parka is legit. Saw it last week and I too would have had a hard time picking between that and the m65. As it was, I was inches away from getting the M65, I just couldn't justify it for SoCal weather.
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yea i saw the parka on looked pretty nice
i wanted to get the m65 but im broke
maybe theyll make it next season
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I hope so, by then I'll hopefully be in a colder place...
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yea same ehre
well im in dc so is alreayd pretty ocld usually
been kinda warm the last couple of days though
but im probably transfering to nyu next year
so ittle be colder and right in soho next too all the stores including ndg haha
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i'm planning on moving out there as well to go to parsons. See ya in soho.
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what are you going to be doing at parsons? id also like to work somewhere like varvatos..since i buy more clothing from there from any where else..i wonder how hard it is to get a job at higher end retail place like that.. idk if theyd have part time positions though idk maybe my sa there can recomend me or something hahahaah
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Hah, you and me both. Paul Smith, John Varvatos, or APC would be fantastic. I want to go and do fashion design. Been a graphic designer for a few years but I enjoy clothing a lot more. We'll see how it goes but I figure doing design out there can only further my career.
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yea thats love to design not really a designer though but clothing i my addiction...of all the things in my life that i do i enjoy clothing more..doing pre-med and econ major isnt relaly my thing im realizin everyday
but yea any thing would be love varvatos tho..or IF boutique that would be hot but i feel like the designer stores would have a better discount...
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they got the buzz rickson stuff in, one was $1200!! one is buying that. i'm def disappointed that the marine sweater is actually a sweatshirt! not to say i wouldn't buy it if they had my size, but I feel like i was mislead by the lookbooK!!! i love that store..
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It's pretty hilarious that NDG thinks people are gonna pay $1200 for an N3B... of course, they probably will. so the joke's on me.
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yeah, well almost all of their pieces are WAY OVERPRICED, but at the same time, i'm guilty of buying because if you don't, someone will. I will attest to the quality of their things though. Jeans are amazing quality and fit is amazing, still surprising to me that people don't talk about those more. knits are great quality and surprisingly not too expensive. hoodies are WAY too much, as are scarves, the shirt i bought a few weeks ago is amazing fit and color
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$1200 for the BR N3B, is only a tad high. the coyote (or wolf?) fur-lined hood bumps the price up a lot. it is 93450 yen in japan.
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damn, pricey coat! yeah, ndg's stuff is definitely overpriced, but just like poly, i'm very guilty of buying their shit at full price. thankfully most of it was during their sales. i have the same mentality that if i don't buy it now, someone else will, case in point the marine sweater. i'm looking at the work sweater, but at $500+ i'm going to take my chances and hold out for the sale.
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