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If only the flight to Europe didn't cost twice that much.... I do agree about the price of that sweater, it is pretty outrageous which is the reason I have not purchased it. I like it though but I can wait for a sale or not get it at all because it definitely isn't thier best or most impressive piece. But argueing about what one finds worthy of his/her money is pointless, especially on a fashion forum.
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Yeah wouldn't drop 500 on it. Was just wondering iftheres a small and see will it last till the sale. Oh well.
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Originally Posted by wttm
Yeah wouldn't drop 500 on it. Was just wondering iftheres a small and see will it last till the sale. Oh well.

i wouldn't bank on anything for sale season. if you really want something you have to buy it full price. sales season is basically luck of the draw. thats just the way it is with this store b/c half the stock is sold out before sales anyways
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Yea I called the other day to enquire about a few items and both of them were sold out in thier store. I think around this time they are starting to finally get rid of thier Fall/Winter stock, especially thier "cheaper" items. The only good thing I could see maybe being in the sale is a jacket or two and maybe some of thier button up shirts, scarfs, and other little things. I'm crossing my fingers for a jacket though.
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i would NEVER pay that much money for that work sweater. however, at a 40%-60% discount, i would. i really don't think they've sold many of those work sweaters anyways, mainly due to the price, and so i think they'll have a good number for sale time (i could be wrong).

goldengloves what items are they sold out of?
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They were sold out of the Marine Sweater and the jersey cardigan. I asked them what other knits they had and they have the work sweater left, sailor sweater, and a few others I can't remember right now. Should have asked about the jackets, but I forgot.
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Revive.... So I just got one of thier tees today and the label is upside down....??? Anyone else have thier tee like this? Or is this something related to quality control? None the less, I found it kind of funny.
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I'm going to be doing a little NDG-related mailing list for Blackbird. I'll just be using it to announce arrivals and such so that I can quickly get the word to the people who are most interested. If you'd like to be added to it, message me your E-mail address. Goldengloves: I should check our NDG stuff to see if we have any label problems. I haven't seen anything like this yet. It isn't, though, nearly as bad as Acne somehow sewing their care labels on the OUTSIDE of all their garments then having to redo them all properly.. sigh.
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ruach-I actually ordered it from you guys over at Blackbird! haha. It's not a big problem, I just found it rather comical.
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Does Blackbird have a URL, and do they ship to Canada
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Originally Posted by Analog
Does Blackbird have a URL, and do they ship to Canada
We just have a blog which is

We can definitely ship to Canada. Just send an E-mail to or call (206.547.2524). I deal with E-mails and am usually in the store from around 3 or 4 until 7 or 8 on the weekdays so if you ask for Tyler I should be able to help you out.
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Super - thanks!
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Bringing back up an old topic.

What do you guys think about NDG denim specifically the gray/charcoal one. I saw one of the sales people wearing a faded version and I must say the rusty color looks amazing. Is their stuff selveged? It's made in Japan but there isn't a selvege line.
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Thinking of getting the charcoal in narrow fit from blackbird soon...
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wait for shopjake so you can get the 20% off.
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