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What's hot in the Uk atm?

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What I'm looking for is the London equivalant of Los Angeles' Seven for all Mankind jeans - trendy premium jeans that "anyone who's anyone" has to own, at least according to an affluent American friend of mine.

However, Seven for all Mankind jeans aren't that well known over here - instead, I see everyone wearing Levi's. But isn't there anything hotter than this atm? What's the brand of jeans that casual professionals/trendy young peopel are wearing in places like London?

Thanks for any help
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Actually Sevens are priced in a higher bracket in the UK than in the USA. Evisu has had a vibe similar to Seven for a while. Personally I find them both overrated, but people will know what you are wearing.
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Actually, Browns*had Seven as of last year, retailing for 199 BP, to show you how value (real or perceived) can change. (Selvedge Nudies and premium Lees are about half that.) Not really sure about London, but GStar was crazy popular throughout lots of Europe for a while. Actually, come to think of it, all the Brit tourists come here and go apeshit over the loads of GStar at Filene's Basement.
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Diesel and Levis are staples. Respectable, but not WOW...
G-Star are big, although somewhat younger crowd.
Evisu are ghetto fab
Nudies getting some points these days.

Just my take on things in the UK, although I havent been back in the US the past year or so, so I am not sure how much hype R&R are getting

(BTW all, beware of R&R and Evisu fakes on Ebay. I was just in Shenzen earlier this week, and they are bursting with decent quality fakes of these two brands. Good looking fake selvage and all)

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My wife just shopped Europe (London, Paris and St Tropez). She told me that Cheap Mondays are allover London. As for her take on a "Cool Guy", she commented that guys are taking skinny jeans to an extreme (almost leggings) and the choice of shoe is the espadrille/ballet pump.

As for anything else worth mentioning she thought the scene was boring.

I got a nice McQueen Skull Intasia cardigan as a gift from that trip, can't wait for it to get cold in LA.
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