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What to wear with this?

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I don’t know if this is the right forum to be posting in but I figured it was better than the mens clothing forum. This is my first time posting in street wear. I got this jacket the other day for only $20.00 at Lord and Taylor and just had to get it. It is a brown plaid with a light pink in it and has a floral patter on the left chest. I was wondering what I should wear with it. Any advice on jeans including styles and washes would be great along with what type of shirts. Thanks for all the help!
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Is the pattern just printed onto the jacket?
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Yes, the pattern is just printed on the jacket.
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The pattern makes the jacket look a little AmJack-y or hip circa 2002, but you could still wear it with dark wash jeans, ankle boots, and a white shirt or muted sweater.

The pattern kind of ruins it for me, but for $20 it's hard to pass up. I do like the fabric and cut of the jacket though - are the shoulders pretty unstructured?
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double post
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I would go for simple bottoms, Raw jeans and plain white or black canvas sneakers... Don't need something complicated with such a jacket....
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No offense, but that jacket reeks Miami or LA AmJack style. Personally I wouldn't wear it. If you must, though, go as simple as you can with everything else. If you're in the mood to go hunt some AmSluts at clubs, AmJack it up all the way with your stripey shirts and faded jeans. Or, you can give it as a gag gift to one of your buddies. He might be into that short of thing.
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You guys are hard in this forum. I appreciate the help.
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Originally Posted by mrpologuy
You guys are hard in this forum. I appreciate the help.

Was about to say the same. The AmJack Trigger is pulled like it's a western movie. It maybe true, but the AmJack in Australia (IE AusJack) would never wear a blazer.

I'd probably wear that with some tan cords, and some form of brown t/polo/shirt. Let the blazer be the 'key' to the outfit, if you try anything else busy/noisy you're going to overload it.

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Nudie greycast and a pair of dark Wine dress boots ..
Maybe a hoody if im like eff it or a sweater and french cuff shirt under ?
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