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Just got my first jantzen shirt

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My impressions: I got the form fit but added about 2 inches to my chest measurement and 1 inch to my waist and hip measurement. I got the normal spread collar. (1) The fabric: Italian 2 ply 120s, striped. Beautiful fabric. Really outstanding. Smooth, soft, supple, with a slight sheen. (2) Construction: I think it's first rate. The seams are almost invisible. The collar is perfect. (3) Fit: The form will be a little tight for some people, and I might go with medium fit in the future, but for 38 bucks this beats RTW shirts that cost at least twice as much. I will be ordering all my shirts from Jantzen in the future. Took about 3 weeks from ordering to receive it. I think the measurements I took were spot on.
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My two cents about my first shirt which I also got recently is that it irons really well. I'm not sure if it was my fabric choice, but it breezed through it fast and it looked just about as good as a dry cleaner would have done.
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Received yet another single shirt order from Jantzen, and while I think that I've finally tweaked the fit, I'm still a bit hesitant to place an order for one or two dozen shirts.  I ordered a baby pink cotton shirt with contrasting white English spread collar and white French cuffs.  I got instead a baby pink shirt without contrasting collar and cuffs.  The shirt is, however, really nice...especially for the price. I recall others mentioning that they had placed larger orders with Jantzen, but don't remember whether they said that Ricky had gotten their orders correct.  Has anyone else had problems with order accuracy?
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Yes -- I specified a monogram on a shirt order but did not get one. It's not a big deal so I didn't see fit to mention it. However, I was specific about requesting it for my next order.
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I have heard stories of mistakes. But it sounds like he's overworked. He'd probably do well to hire some more help, but then again, the prices of the shirts would most likely rise. Oh, the conundrum... Personally, at ~$40 a pop, I think it's worth the risk. You can find shirts for cheaper, but with choices of materials, fit, and design? It looks to be the best option available at that price point.
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I definetly agree. For the price and quality, I don't think Jantezen can be beat. I just got my shirt today. I ordered it on Feburary 22nd, and today is March 22nd: exactly a month. I emailed Ricky twice, and he replies around 4-5 business days after the email is sent. I wonder if that speeds the order along ... My shirt didn't have any inaccuracies in the order. And you guys were not joking about slim fit being skin tight. I'll have to go for a more generous cut next time. Derek
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How about some p i c t u r e s ?
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How about some p i c t u r e s ?
I wussed out and got a plain sky blue shirt Italian spread-collar shirt. Would make for a boring picture.
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I wussed out and got a plain sky blue shirt Italian spread-collar shirt.  Would make for a boring picture.
I was wondering if you had any thoughts about how Jantzen's Italian and British collars differed other than the distance of stitching from the edge? P.S. Ricky just sent out my shirts today so I am expecting them in about 10 days time ... by then I should be able to answer my question since I ordered a mixture of wide spread, British and Italian collars.
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I'll try and post some pictures in the next few days. Also, I forgot to add comments about the buttons. I've seen a lot of posts on this board criticizing the quality of Jantzen's MOPs. I just can't agree with this, or at least it hasn't been my experience with this shirt (again, my first). I've never actually seen a Lorenzini or Kiton shirt up close, and the Brionis I've seen I haven't inspected. But I'll compare the MOPs to my Banana Republic premium shirt that has MOPs. Compared to the BR, the Jantzen button absolutely GLOW... In fact, compared to nothing at all, they GLOW. Looking in the mirror at the shirt on me, the first thing I noticed was the beautiful translucense of the buttons. About the best thing I can say is that I hesitated for about two weeks to buy my first Jantzen. I hesitated for all of an hour to make my second (I was debating over form fit v. medium fit).
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I got the thick MOPs and they look fine to my untrained eye. Not as refined as some from the more well-known brands, but good enough for everyday wear.
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I too, got thick MOPs for my first Jantzen shirt and I thought they looked fine. However, I feel that whether the shininess is positive or negative is individual preference. I did note, however, that the MOP buttons were yellowish at their backs; are those second-quality buttons?
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How did the sleeve length turn out? People seem to have had problems with that. Did you add anything to the measurement?
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How did the sleeve length turn out? People seem to have had problems with that. Did you add anything to the measurement?
Actually, turned out exactly how I specified (in my mind anyhow). I took a shirt where the sleeves fit well, measured from the area right under the center of the back of the collar down over the shoulder down to the end of the sleeve. Got the same back. I'll see if I can get pictures.
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Shirt sleeve length: I wear 34/35 sleeves in ready to wear shirts, so I specified 34.5 length. It's been my experience that you're better off going by your shirt size than by measuring yourself -- there is just too much rate of error when measuring across your shoulders. Going by my shirt sleeve length rather than my skin measurement resulted in a perfect fit. Unbuttoned the sleeve just slips over the top of the hand, so when I button the wrist there is just a dab of extra fabric that ensures that the shirt doesn't recede above the wrist when I move. I did, however, add 1/2 inch to my second order. I did this for two reasons: (1) It ensures that the shirt length will be perfect even with shrinkage, although I think the first shirt will be perfect with a little shrinkage anyways, and (2) even if the 34.5 fits perfect, because the wrist sizes on Jantzen shirts are MTM, even 1/2 extra length in the sleeves won't cause it to stick out too far under my jacket -- I'll just have an almost indiscernable amount of extra fabric, and if it shrinks even 1/2 inch I'm perfectly fine still.
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