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belts, oh belts. one of my favourites is the shoelace. using a shoelace goes well if your not going to show your belt and a little bit of lace hangs down .... i thinkit looks good. definitly a street style tho.
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Originally Posted by Oldboy
I think this one from 45rpm looks really nice:


Thank you, this may be what I've been looking for AND I can purchase it online!!! Thanks.
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i use an extension cord. black, brown, or even the orange ones for the industrial look.
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Originally Posted by braidkid
Speaking of belts, I have yet to find one as simple and refined as the SugarCane Garrison belt...

Does anyone know where I can find one similar on line? I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

Anyone have any tips on ordering one of these belts online? Google translator isn't working for the order page.
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does anyone know how to restitch a belt? i ripped apart the stitching on an old belt because the buckle broke off, i have a new buckle and would like to restitch it, any help?
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Get a heavy needle and some nylon thread, and a pair of heavy leather gloves or a thimble if you know how to use it. Stitch it up.

Or, take it to a shoe repair shop and pay like $5 for the dude to do it for you.
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I'd recommend allen edmonds. They are not wide, or street for that matter. But i wear them with jeans all the time and they look better to me then any other belt i have (which is a lot of belts.). Best thing is that you can get them for $39USD off ebay from allenedmonds (ebay user id).
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