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Blazer with sweater - good look or bad?

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I was wondering what people think of a look where you layer some kind of sweater - crew neck, vneck, or zip/.5-zip under a blazer. Couldn't get a picture or my camera working, but something like this: under this:
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Do it all the time...what problem are you having with this look?

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No problem at all..I like it too...just wanted to see how people felt... I'm just procrastinating all the articles I have to write.
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In concept, fine. Like any other "look", it can look terrible if done poorly - ill-matching pieces, jacket that doesn't fit right over the sweater, etc.
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it's a great look. I esp like lightweight turtlenecks with a sportjacket
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I do it often. Looks nice with a patterned coat and a solid sweater, or a solid coat and a sweater with wide horizontal stripes.
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I do it with zip up mock turtleneck sweaters, hoodies, and even shawl collar sweaters on a cold day if I'm up for a bulkier look.
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I do it often, and from what we saw in the market this last buying trip, V-neck sweaters are on the come back. The thing you have to be careful about is that the sweater you do wear is not to bulky for the sport jacket or you'll look like a stuffed sausage.

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I like the look. I'll do a button down collar shirt + crewneck sweater + jacket alot in the fall. I have a couple jackets I've bought with this purpose in mind, sized a bit bigger through the body so some of my thicker sweaters will fit comfortably, without looking ridiculous.
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Love this look in so many different styles.

Black cashmere jacket and light grey cashmere mock neck sweater = hip

tweedy jacket and wine colored cashmere turtleneck= old school.
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I really like it. Take a look at the Sartorialist archives from last winter. There's some great zip neck sweater and blazer combinations in his pictures of the windows of Bergdorf's. Very Italian looking.
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I often wear a nice cashmere sweater under a blazer and find it to be a pleasant combo.
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I'm starting to wonder if cardigans are being treated as old-manish again. I don't see a whole lot of people talking about them here besides me and Get Smart. Sweaters under a sportcoat are fine. Just make sure you actually have the room to wear one under. Nothing looks worse than seeming like you're too big to button the fastening button.
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I also do this all the time in the Fall. I especially like zip neck or polo collar sweaters with a mock neck and a tweed jacket. On warmer Fall days a sweater vest , including cardigan sweater vests, looks great.
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I like the look. Using a cardigan can look really good if done right - see Kevin Kline in D-Lovely for some excellent examples.
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