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Sorry guys... APC Rescue question..

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I know there are already a million threads, but I read them all before ordering. I sized down 2 and ended up with a 30. Well, they just arrived and they're hard to button up. I know everyone goes on and on about how they stretch, but is it for really that much, or is it just stretching in the eyes of an anorexic-model-body-type? The waist itself is tight but could be worse - the most uncomfortable area right now is the thighs. Do they really give out? What about after the wash though, I don't want them to be all uncomfortable again. Any help is appreciated; if I decide to size up I need to return them real soon. Thanks guys!

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youre ok, they stretch likecrazy
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yeah, you're fine. they'll stretch at least 1-2".
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If you can button them all the way and tuck your shirt in like that you will be fine.

Did they move the coin pocket down or is that an optical illusion?
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dont' worry... they'll stretch alot.
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Keep us updated as you wear them.
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Mine were uncomfortable at first but they stretched and loosened as I wore them. Expect them to be uncomfortable for about a week. After you wash them, they will shrink back and be a little uncomfortable but they stretch back out really fast (within a day). I say stay with them, they look like they fit just right.

Btw, I am not an "anorexic-model-body-type" as you put it. Hope that helps.
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As for the rescues, they will definitely stretch to the point were you might want to consider a belt. I got mine in a 31 and now I need a belt. Perhaps I should've gone 3 sizes smaller.
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your thighs don't even seem to be that tight.
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