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New Outfit - Does it work?

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The blazer and shirt need to pressed but other than that, what do you think? Goorin Hat Trovota Wool Continental Blazer Empire of Truth Shirt Diesel Denim Jack Jones Shoe
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Get pants with a more tapered leg and take in the blazer, and you be good to go.

Doesn't hurt to wear boots either.
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I think the shoes are at odds with the rest of the outfit.
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The blazer looks too shapeless to me. I'm going to second getting it taken in.
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i actually like the blazer... but the jeans and shoes dont work. with some dark sraight legs and boots or more understated shoes it would look good. edit: after looking at it again, the only thing that i like is the blazer, but i think it really needs to be dressed down... well... im thinking a simple tee under, with some levis or lee repros and vintage boots. the hat could work with it too, but id dye it a darker color. but than youd look like me, and thats not a good thing.
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Not too fond of the shoes / hat combo. Shoes too casual, too stark, hat too light, too formal-looking (at a distance). Change one or the other and it's a good combination.

Also like taking in the blazer.
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Not impressed with the fit of the jeans. They just look too big. And the recommendation to go with shoes or boots rather than those sneakers is a good one.
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The shoes are a little too modern. I would stick with chukkas or classic sneakers.

Also, I think that you need to do at least one of taking in the jacket, or getting more fitted jeans. Either would lend a better silhouette. Actually, I think that taking in the jacket, and substituting Chucks or Vans slip ons for shoes would make for a very interesting, silhouette. Sort of an A shape.

I'd also toss the hat. Too costumey paired with the jacket.

Finally, man, you've got no visual interest in that outfit. Part of that comes from the fact the the silhouette just sort of goes straight down (You can have a lean silhouette, the A silhouette I suggested above, or even a baggy silhouette, as long as there are breaks in it,) but part of that is because the colors are sort of all neutral and washed out.

I would definitely put something either lighter or considerably darker under that blazer, and something more fitted.

Anyway, you did ask.
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I think the shirt and shoes are what don't fit in this outfit and I would agree that the blazer and jeans should be more fitted.
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Agree with getting the jacket tailored. Not just taken in at the waist, get the sleeves shortened as well.

I'll also go ahead and agree with going with different footwear.
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Thanks for the input. I actually do not like this outfit but was having trouble pin pointing what was wrong with it. The jacket actually fits better than how it looks in the picture, but I just moved to Finland recently so it's suffering from being locked in a suitcase. Definitaley agree that the sleeves could be shortened a bit though. Same with the jeans, they are too long. The shoes aren't that great either but they're the best I've been able to find in Jyvaskyla (The city is a real fashion mecca. I'm sure you've heard of it...) Anyway, I'll keep working on it and maybe I'll post a pic when I get the kinks worked out
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I disagree with Fok about the hat. Depends on the person, but I am very much in support of odd and anachronistic things if you can make it work. The shoes are really the main thing making this not work. Try chelseas or chukkas. Other comments on fit have aready been covered.
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I'd say shirt/jeans. I think the shoes would fit in a lot better with a solid shirt. I was iffy about the hat at first but I think it works with the blazer which I really like. Comments on the jeans have been pretty spot on.
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I'd probably put on some brown shoes to go with the jacket buttons and toss the shirt for something darker or lighter (like LA Guy noted), not necessarily stripes because there's a lot of interesting details already in the blazer. The hat could stay if you get some coordination going on between it and the shirt.

And that's my $0.02.
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the shirt and shoes are the odd pair. maybe a darker shirt, and something less sporty shoes. once you wear a wool blazer with the outfit it transform the attire to more formal. but with regular spring type blazer,something lighter, it could work with that.
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