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Oxxford catastrophe

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I admire the construction of Oxxford garments very much, and own several MTM items which are great, but they still (2006) often make stylistic choices which are just catastrophes.
There is nothing about the fabric or cut of this jacket I like in the least:
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Ouch, it's hard to even discern the cut because the pattern is so busy. That is seriously fugly.
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WOW! It matches my bathrobe!
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At first I thought the coat was very old. Perhaps new oldstock. But the Crest label shows that it's not very old. Just a dog!

It seems that all makers(even the best) make a dog now and then.

Don't judge Oxxford by a single garment. I don't know why they made this coat, but it's not representative of their general style(Thank God)!
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I'm not that crazy about the fabric, but I wonder if it doesn't look much better in person. The first picture seems very overlit, and the cloth looks far nicer in the closeup of the tag.
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I don't hate the fabric. It reminds me of some Pendelton jackets that I used to have. It wouldn't look bad worn casually with grey or Black flannels. It's probably too distinctive to be worn more than 3-4 times a season so it's not for a minimalist wardrobe.
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If it was a suit, i'd wear it. Would look smashing!
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Big plaid is for used care salesman.
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Originally Posted by Kai
Big plaid is for used care salesman.

And he'd have to be a damned good one to afford oxxford :P
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Herb Tarlek called and he wants his coat back.
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Did I fall into a time warp?
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Ick...ditto the car salesman thing.
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Punchline: "I told my wife to go to Cox's and pick up my seersucker suit; however, she got confused and went to Sears and picked up this..." As my father-in-law would say, that jacket is double-barrel ugly!
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Holy Smokes! That is ugly. Oxxford has a number of these hideous fabrics. Not surprisingly many are on ebay right now.
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So you're saying I shouldn't bid on this fine jacket?

I think what's wrong is that there aren't enough colors in the pattern.
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