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You might want to look in Monterey Heights - large detached homes with land. One of the many unfortunate things about SF is that the people who built the various neighborhoods didn't exactly figure out where people were going to want to live this millennium so you have a lot of desirable neighborhoods with "working class" level accommodations and a lot of less desirable neighborhoods (either from a crime or convenience/weather factor) with great homes. Monterey Heights is affordable because it's not as close to the city center and the weather is foggier but it's got great homes and you are still in SF. If you like heat and land (your coming from Texas right?), you can live in the East Bay and BART into the city or take a bridge over to the south bay and the costs are much much cheaper.

Also, for what it's worth Manton, Pac Heights isn't as old as it used to be. Lots of 20 and 30 something people renting apts there, and a lot of development has happened around Van Ness which has lead to plenty of $3.5k 1 brs there. We had friends who lived by Lafayette Park and it was full of youngish people, as is Fillmore. Also, Hayes Valley is young and you can pay $3.5k for a 1br there.
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Interesting. I'd be willing to tradeoff the size of the house for a place in a good neighborhood; I grew up in Boston/NYC, so I'm used to sharing public spaces. We live in a city now, intentionally avoiding the burbs.
In other words, don't need a backyard, but having 3 bedrooms and 2k square feet would be acceptable.

The other tricky part is that I'd prefer to avoid a long commute, I hate driving. Anything more than 20 minutes in a car will melt my brain. And, ideally, I'd prefer no more than 30 minutes if public transportation is feasible. We'd pay more for that and accept less space in a house.

In general, how do people outside the city commute in? BART? Or, is it more of a car city?

Going through the various tax calculators for CA is not fun. Maybe I can finagle a house as part of an offer????
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Originally Posted by msg View Post

In general, how do people outside the city commute in? BART? Or, is it more of a car city?

Something like 400,000 people a day ride BART and a big chunk of that is commuters from the East Bay to SF. It is also a popular method of getting to the airport.

In general BART is practical and reliable but its' cars are some of the oldest city transport trains in the entire country and it shows. (Circa 1970) They continue rehabing them but it is a bit like dressing up a pig. They are quite noisy but generally comfortable. All new cars aren't scheduled for delivery until 2017.
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If it makes you feel any better at least your CA tax dollars will go to a worthy cause - like keeping people incarcerated and keeping the people who keep people incarcerated (cops, prison guards) happy and healthy in their retirement.

If you can live with 3 bedrooms and no backyard, you have a lot more options in choice neighborhoods and in more of the 5 or 6k rental market. From certain neighborhoods in the city you can walk downtown, from others you have fast light rail whereas from others there are express or slow buses. Lots of counterbalancing tradeoffs but the fact that you don't require outdoor space or 4 bedrooms will greatly increase your options.

People from the east bay take BART. People from Marin either drive, take buses or take a ferry. People from peninsula and south bay generally drive, but many take caltrain which I guess is like the LIRR.

When you say that one of the places your interviewing is in a suburb - is that more like south san francisco, san mateo, palo alto or somewhere else? Really will impact your housing choices.
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If you want to ride transit, I would try to find something near BART. Muni is unrelenting, pokey misery. You can get from Glen Park to Embarcadero in 9 minutes on BART. That same journey on Muni Metro (the light rail) will take at least 30 minutes, and that's assuming there's no slowdown/shutdown in the tunnels under Market St. If I wanted to ensure I wasn't late to work, I'd budget an hour.

If your job is outside the city, the company doesn't have a private shuttle from the city, and you can't drive for more than 20 minutes, the city may not work for you. Going south on the peninsula, anything south of 92 will exceed your drive time, and that's assuming you live in Noe, Bernal, Potrero, etc. Anything across a bridge is almost certainly too much time in the car.

D, stop hating on Bernal. smile.gif
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One minor disagreement on muni - it's pretty consistently 15 minutes from Cole and Carl so if you live in the Haight, Cole Valley, Duboce or Castro (where the N surfaces again before it's final descent into the belly of downtown), the N Judah is really convenient. If you are further out on a muni line where the tracks are above ground, muni is about as fast as the kid's train at the SF zoo but far less entertaining.
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Interesting. I have a friend who lives on Duboce Park, and she is always getting screwed when she tries to ride the N downtown. In desperation, she even takes the F.
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There are occasional meltdowns on the N just like with Bart but it's pretty consistent. I think public transit delays are so infuriating that people irrationally overreact. I used to live in Noe and walked to 24th street BART and would scream bloody murder when BART had one of its sit-in-the-tunnel delays but they were usually 15 minutes or less and probably happened less than once a month. That sort of thing happens to me all the time now as a car commuter and although I despise driving, I can more easily come to terms with the inevitable traffic delays than I could with the random BART or muni delays.

In any event, living within walking distance of a muni that's close to one of the underground points means you are in for a pretty good commute. Ditto for BART.
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I've known three people who commuted from Marin by Ferry to SF. They all loved it. It must be one of the all-time great commute options if near your home and work.
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With all the complaints about MUNI, one forgets there are places where transit is far worse, like LA.
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Originally Posted by Hayward View Post

With all the complaints about MUNI, one forgets there are places where transit is far worse, like LA.

Yeah, that really matters. Great post.
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D, stop hating on Bernal. smile.gif


Sorry, dude. Old habits...


You'll love this. The leftette came to me this morning and asked if I wanted to go to SanFo for a vacation. I'm actually mulling it over.



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Now *that* is funny.
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They have great coffee devil.gif
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So I've heard.


I figure SanFo with a return ticket in my back pocket would be like that old joke. A guy is walking down the street and he comes upon another guy banging his head against a wall. The first guy asked why he's doing that and the second guy says, "because it feels so good when I stop." 



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