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I think I hate San Francisco. - Page 119

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follow up: My wife doesn't even believe you.
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It took me 20 minutes to get from the bridge to Mill Valley yesterday afternoon.
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San Francisco, for all its efforts, mostly symbolic, sucks for vehicles. BART sucks and is not nearly as pervasive as it should be, MUNI is too slow, and cars have no place to park.

That said, I bought a bike two months ago, and fell in love with the City all over again. Granted, there are a lot of douchey bicyclists, but I'd rather deal with them than douchey Audi drivers.
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A former industry colleague tweets...
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How does the tail fall off?
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asians can't drive mwink[1].gif
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

How does the tail fall off?

EDIT: "The debris field from the crash began at the seawall at the start of the Runway 28, according to aerial video images. Both wings remained attached but one engine was ripped off. The tail was snapped off some distance from where the plane finally came to rest in the grass off the runway."
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Yep, saw the updates. I wonder what caused the odd approach angle.
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Crewdogs shoulda drank more Lipovitan.
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In a metropolitan area teeming with Asians, a local news station fell for this dumbass shit:

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Here's the actual video of the names being read:
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The shows director was probably thinking "ho le fuk".....
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Actually, that makes me love San Francisco.
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It makes me want to punch their news director in the fucking face. It's insulting to the people who died and were injured on that plane and is just plain stupid.

They used to be here in San Francisco that all the stupid people were in government and the smart people were in the media. Now the government has gotten slightly and all the idiots are moving to the media.
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