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People are certainly entitled to their opinions and from posters' experience and observation, they may be entirely correct,
but several posts sound a little like Yogi Berra's famous quote:

"Oh, nobody goes to that restaurant anymore. It's always too crowded." smile.gif
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HA HA Hilarious!


This should be a film trailer

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Originally Posted by grit View Post

I was at a crepe place in the mission and I overheard two fresh-out-of-college jackasses at the table next to me bitching about how this girl at work was trying to tell them how to do stuff and they were like "I think I'm gonna do it my way" and apparently the girl got mad so then the guy talking was like "She's just mad cause she's 30 and she hasn't done anything in her life" and I was about to be like "You dickwits, I'm 30 and you don't know a god damn thing about doing something with your life. You are lab rats masquerading as biotech product designers and you will never progress beyond that because you don't know how to work with people outside of your own tiny little messenger-bag fixed-geared overcaffeinated disgustingly-coiffed sphere and when you are 30 your major accomplishment will have been sucking at the teat of the government set up by the generation before you, having returned nothing of value to the society which nurtured you" but then my crepe came and it was pretty choice so I wasn't so mad anymore.

I like you cruel invective. We should have lunch. That is if one can find a decent place
not infested by the various tribes discussed in this thread.
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Originally Posted by comrade View Post

I like you cruel invective. We should have lunch. That is if one can find a decent place
not infested by the various tribes discussed in this thread.

I think that meet up would be more interesting if you do have it in one of those infected establishments.
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

I have officially given up on I-5 in the Central Valley. I head south on 101, cross over to 99 on 152, then hook back up before the Grapevine. Of course, that wouldn't have helped you on this trip, but it's much more pleasant.
Flying to LA sucks unless you intend to rent a car on the other end. That city is completely dependent on the automobile.

What's your usual travel time to LA? I usually just drive on I5 in the middle of the night, hit LA in about 6 to 6 1/2 hours with cruise control set to 75-80.

I'm going to miss SF. Went to college in So Cal, been back in SF for a year, now it's back to So Cal for grad school. I feel like a tourist in my own city since I live in the unsavory Bayview and spend most of my time in Sunset/Richmond or in the SSF/Millbrae area. Parking is such a pain in the ass and public transit really does suck unless you live along a light rail.

Haven't heard much talk about inner Sunset or Richmond but there are a few gems there.
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On non-holiday weekends, about 7.5 hours including a lunch stop. My boys don't sleep well in the car, and neither my wife nor I likes to drive at night. On holiday weekends, it's taken as long as ten hours. T'giving 2008, it took us 11 hours to get to the Lake Arrowhead area.
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I might give your route a shot next week since I'll have to drive in the morning rather than late at night. I don't even bother during Thanksgiving weekend... drive from SD to SF took nearly 12 hours one time.
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must find a new favorite bar. My old one has been overrun by Zynga/Twitter employees.
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Come on over to Bernal. Lucky Horseshoe might suit you.
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Thread Starter 

You should organize an event out there. I'll attend if you can guarantee my safe passage. 



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I'm not sure Bernal is ready for an influx of iGentry, nor vice-versa. lol8[1].gif Honestly, Cortland isn't particularly BART friendly, but the Royal Cuckoo at Mission and Valencia might be a decent spot. Even closer to the sugarbutch manse, too.

EDIT: No guarantees, friend. I can say only that, if necessary, we will avenge your death.
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Is The Lucky Horseshoe the lesbian bar with the great backyard? That place is a lot of fun.
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SB, I have a feeling I can see your place from mine.
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You're thinking of Wild Side West. Lucky Horseshoe used to be Skip's Tavern, but was bought and reimagined last year.

As for seeing my place, if I lived on the other side of the street, you probably could.

Anyway, I'll send our ward captain (Gus) a PM to see if he has any meetups planned.
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Hey Lefty, did you read that San Francisco was selected by non other than Monocle magazine as the 23rd most livable city in the world. (It beat Montreal which was 24)

"A new entry that has slowly, but irrevocably, stolen our heart. Not just a tech hub, increasingly a design centre too. Homelessness remains a problem though."
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