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Every time I am drunk and listen to Crazy by Patsy Cline.
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I got an incredible beej in a bar parking lot last night from a woman who said she loves that I am "sensitive". I cried a little bit right then and there.
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when the night comes and i feel lonely,i will recollect some things ,that makes me feel sad then i want to cry.And after crying i will feel better.It is a way of relieving my feeling~
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Every time I look in the mirror.
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Originally Posted by MetroStyles View Post
After realizing that I cried about once every two years if that (and at one point went about 3-4 years without shedding a single tear), I figured I probably had a lot of emotional build up. So now I just force myself to cry by thinking about certain things. I think it is healthier this way than to not cry at all.

You know if you need a kick in the balls to help with that, I'm your man.

I cried 2 years ago when I broke up with a GF. A year before that I cried watching The Diving Bell and the Butterfly - proper freaky emotional angst crying - which does lead me to believe I'm storing an emotional timebomb. Perhaps you can kick me back in the nuts, Metro?
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Handful times of a year.

Usually in movies. Last movie I cried to was the end of American History X. Didn't bawl or anything just let the tears run down my face some while I kept watching. That's usually how it goes, some movies just do me in.
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The only thing that really gets to me is stress. Every year or so it just builds up.
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Originally Posted by Hombre Secreto View Post
Every time I am drunk and listen to Crazy by Patsy Cline.

This is like saying "My hand burns every time I hold it under a flame." It's sort of redundant...
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In reverse chronological order of all the times I cried*: - Death of my dog - Breaking up with my girlfriend of 3 years. - Death of my grandmother. - Death of my uncle. That takes me back to about the age of 14 and then my memory becomes murky. These events occur about once every 3 years or so. *Crying by this definition is tears running down my face. This doesn't include eyes welling up but no tears falling.
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I can't cry well. And before anyone thinks I'm getting all ITG on you all it has to do with my eyes and not my soul. I just don't produce tears.
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Originally Posted by Dakota rube View Post
I got an incredible beej in a bar parking lot last night from a woman who said she loves that I am "sensitive".
I cried a little bit right then and there.

anyway, sitcoms make me cry e.g. Scrubs, How i met your mother , I Just get so involved with their stories i guess.
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if youre over the age of 13 i dont think you should cry from physical pain. nothing worse then seeing a guy crying over physical pain. in basketball sometimes guys would go down with sprained ankles and be almost in tears on the court. it was kinda funny but sad. i can remember the last few times ive cried and it all had to do with finding out about illness etc in my family or thinking my dog was going to die.
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I honestly have not cried since I think junior high. And I think it's kind of weird because I've been to some really, really sad funerals.
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Weird, I was just thinking about this the other day...

I had not cried in probably ten years, and that included the death of my dog, a broken collarbone, the death of my grandmother, rabies shots and a bunch of other things I'd rather not mention.

Then, I broke down when our first daughter was born. There were some major difficulties and I was totally powerless. A very castrating feeling. I was fine when the doctor delivered the news, I played the role of strong, supportive husband for my basket-case wife. I appeared to be in total control. I walked out of the delivery room to get my parents and my in-laws and the second that I saw my mother's face I was a crying mess. I just broke down and could not control myself.

Shortly after, I had to quit my beloved job so that I could take a better position with another company closer to our hometown. I was very close with my boss and when I told him I was leaving he continued to try to convince me to stay. He was relentless and for some reason the stress fo the situation got me. I started crying in his office. An absolute nightmare situation. Very out of character, but I think the emotional tap was still open from the situation with my daughter.

Anyway, I still keep up with my old boss and he promises me that he doesn't think I am a pussy. He actually respects me for caring that much about the job. I may go back to work for him in the future b/c he has become a serious industry leader.

The only other time I cried was when I watched Friday Night Lights (also around the same time in life). We talked about this on another thread, but for some reason this movie really got me.

There may be something to the OP's theory that we store things inside that need to be let out. There was an emotional change in me after I broke the seal, but it appears to have sealed back up now. It has been a few years since I have cried.
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Originally Posted by frenchy View Post
theres only 3 reasons for a man to cry,EVER:
1 daughter gets married
2 dog dies
3 you get kicked in the balls

sporting events do not count pussies!!!!!!!!

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