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Hi i'm looking for a money clip similar to this one except without the bulldog, if anyone could point out a high quality although none to outrageous >$100? of this style that'd be great
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I did a search and came up w/ this one (I like money clips too). It's not as chic as the Dunhill (minus the awful bulldog). But it's pretty cool for 40$

and this one for $25
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This will cost you more than $100 but I think it looks awesome (I have this one)
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ooooh, that IS a nice one!
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I've got a money clip that I don't use any more, below is why.....
I started using it the weekend I got it, without much thought. That's where I started noticing the stigma of money clips. I've found out very quickly that the money clip, although very practical, is only for high society. There were looks, comments, even "huffs".

Less then 7 days of use, and it's back to the wallet for me.

I've been doing some research tonight, to confirm it's not just me or my money clip, to confirm that there is a stigma attached. After hours of reading, and confirmation this stigma can be summed up by a single word; Yuppie.

The Evergladesconfirmed my thoughts, writing out a whole life for someone who ends up dead with a martini and a money clip. The Guitar Shop says clips owners "shove a big bill on the outside of 20 one dollar bills to look like hes rich."

Al Carlos appears to feel my pain " I am reticent to do the whole wallet ritual thing because it[Money Clip] seems so, John Tesh, Ward Cleaver and yuppie class."

I don't see why a money clip has to be about being "rich" or drinking martinis, but it appears that's the way. Barbarella makes it reference to a money clip being like a sports car for a middle aged man. She's after a man "who responded more to eloquently spoken words than to a glimpse of a well-endowed money clip".

Be warned fare traveller

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Originally Posted by Wade M
The Guitar Shop says clips owners "shove a big bill on the outside of 20 one dollar bills to look like hes rich."

My high school friends used to do this

Personally, I always keep my small bills on the outside because they're most likely the ones I'll spend first.

I've also received some negative comments directed at money money clip. But I really don't care. I think the person taking my money should shut the hell up and be happy they've made a sale.
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I use a small card wallet for my ids and cards for my money, i use an elastic! Its easy, durable, and easily replaceable
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I got my dad a card holder that holds about 15 cards in total and holds a few bills when folded (pic below - 2 other photos there if interested)

Perfect for a few cards and some cash....It's almost perfect for me, but I want soemthing that doesn't flip!

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I have used a money clip for some 15+ years and never had a comment either positive or negative. As far as a hundred on the outside to cover stack of one's, I don't do that either. To me it is far easier than a wallet, I gave up on wallets when the one I used ripped due to stress.
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How much for the mont blanc?
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Originally Posted by lifersfc
How much for the mont blanc?

I paid $160 CAN ($143 USD) two years ago. It may have gone done since then. I don't know.

The one thing I will say about the clip is because it's polished it will scratch. I don't have a problem with this though because It gives it a nice worn look.

Here are the specs...
Metal: 925 sterling silver
Plating: Rhodium-plated
Finish: Polished
Material Weight: 14 g
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Not to rain on anyone's parade, but what happens when you're walking around with a money clip worth more'n the money in it?? Doesn't that feel weird?
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it can't be worse than those with gucci or lv monogrammed wallets
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It does hurt when you have two bucks tucked into a $100 dollar money clip. I also use a clip, but I can understand the negative views of them. I kinda do it cuz I worry about losing my wallet. I figure I can lose my wallet or a money clip, but not both at the same time. So if one gets stolen I atleast have the other to rely on. Right?
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Originally Posted by thisisme
it can't be worse than those with gucci or lv monogrammed wallets
There is nothing worse than LV monogrammed ANYTHING.
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