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there's a surefire way to rid acne with antibiotics, it's a prescription drug named accutane
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Something that made a HUGE difference for me was using witch hazel + cotton pad after washing my face at night. I went from mild, with occasional breakouts to NONE, maybe 1 tiny pimple every once in a while. It pulls the dirt and grime out of the skin, tightens up your pores, and reduces inflammation. I use Dickinson's brand, you can get it just about anywhere (walmart, walgreens, etc.) and it's cheap. Try this before investing big $ in prescriptions! One thing to be aware of is some people are sensitive to it since it is from a plant, I think it's pretty rare though. Hope this helps, good luck!
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I wasn't a particularly pizza faced kid, but I had my share of issues. Cheap soap worked wonders for me. I blew a bunch of money on all kinds of things that were supposed to help, in the end, I just had shinier zits. I switched to like store brand generic soap which dried the hell out of my skin and the pimples just kinda fell off. Any dermatologist will surely tell you that this is bad advice by the way...but it totally worked for me. I had decent results with zinc tablets too.
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Accutane + non-pore clogging lotion/moisturizer + sunblock + facial soap w/ salicytic acid
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Originally Posted by brown eyes View Post
Accutane + non-pore clogging lotion/moisturizer + sunblock + facial soap w/ salicytic acid

That is what worked for me.
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First your skin doesnt look that bad, just greasy, but Retin A helped me, its covered plus it helps fight aging and wrinkles, true story
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Include fruits in your diet and use separate towel for your use only,no one else should use it.
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Originally Posted by Aptidude View Post
What about back/chest acne? Been to the dermo three times in past four years. They never seem to know for certain how to treat it and just try to talk me into getting the same mole biopsied (benign!). The only thing that works is the sun. Unfortunately, even tanning beds work better than the doc's medicine. Yes, I realize this is counter productive because it risks skin cancer. Anyone else have this problem?

Here's what I do, and it has helped both my face and my body acne-

1) Wash my chest and back less often. My body doesn't have to produce as much oil because I don't wash it as often. It's really unnecessary to wash it every day unless you're doing a lot of work and sweating often. I do construction work and I just wash my pits and crotch area daily, everything else goes every 2-3 days, depending on what I have been doing. I also use a bodywash without any SLS - Jason brand with Aloe is my jam. You won't smell bad, because your back and chest areas really aren't known for producing smells.

2) When I do wash my chest and back, I scrub a bit harder to remove dead skin. It's my understanding that dead skin clogs pores and causes pimples. Since I've started doing these two things, I barely get bacne. I still have scars, but what can you do? Don't try to scratch it off though, you don't want your skin to turn red, as that may also cause breakouts... you just need to find the right pressure to apply, it shouldn't be uncomfortable.

3) I use a facial scrub without any salicylic acid in it in the morning. Warm water when applying, and when washing off. Then I shave, no cream/soap, and with a razor with 2 or less blades. After this, I rinse off entirely with cold water. It'll close your pores as well as wake you up in the morning.

4) After I get out of the shower, I dry off really a clean and very soft towel, and I do it lightly. Like I said before, scrubbing too hard can cause breakouts and redness. I apply my aftershave of choice, take a vitamin E supplement. Try to go with an aftershave that doesn't have a high alcohol level - it'll dry out your skin and cause it to produce more sebum.

This obviously might not work for you, but if you tweak it appropriately it should do the trick. I only wish I had been more conscious of this when I was a teenager. I also drink more tea and water than anything else, but a lot of people have said it doesn't affect your skin... I'd still do it, though. It's better for you anyway.
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Originally Posted by brayanfraser View Post
One thing you should know about acne is not caused by dirt, the same amount of work cleaning and toning plans to get rid of them. Thus, for acne treatment and consult a physician to eat many healthy foods and drink plenty of water. This is a natural way to keep you face spot free.

information like this is why people still have acne...
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wait a few years and grow older? that was what worked for me
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Originally Posted by loreley View Post
information like this is why people still have acne...

No, it's info like this is why people still have acne.

2. It's been shown that diet has practically no effect on acne.
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