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Originally Posted by imageWIS View Post
OMG: why would you (HR person) want to choose a candidate that addresses an email / cover letter personally to you, but you are unwilling to provide your name or the name of the hiring manager when I call and ask for it?

This just literally happened to me on Thursday.

Although, I noticed when I went on Linkedin that there were HR people that actually talked and responded to people when they posted about jobs on their Linkedin page.
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This thread is interesting, but could be easily applied to just about any corporate function (I have heard similar rants about IT, finance, marketing, legal, etc.).

I have worked in HR in several large corporations. There are some excellent HR depts and some really shitty ones. Remember that the actions and attitudes of the HR staff are typically based on the preferences of the CEO. I often find that people who make extreme blanket statements ("all HR people suck") are not very effective at influencing others in a corporate environment and choose to place the blame on others for their own failings.
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