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Originally Posted by jmh

LARon: Where did you find the right red seersucker? Might be my next move.

Tailor extraordinaire, Chris Despos (of Chicago), has offered to send me a few swatches. I'm planning to have him fit me for two suits at the upcoming October AAAC gathering at his workshop. (I've previously seen two candidates and know exactly the shade I want: a darker red, more in the burgundy than pink family (which is how some reds look from a distance).
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Huntsman made a seersucker suit for one of their customers this year.

I don't see anything wrong with having one made, although I think a lightweight wool might be more practical. If a seersucker is what you want, then go for it.
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Another yardstick:

The price is not that much above Brooks RTW seersucker, and it's below Brooks's MTM (Greenfield).
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Of course, all of the above yardstick comparisons (LS, Brooks, etc etc) are assuming that her work is at least comparable. Only FLmountainman would know how her work stacks up. "Bespoke" means nothing as I can get a bespoke suit from one of the many Indian/Hong Kong tailors that inhabit NY for a cheap price but it will look like you know what and the quality won't be there.
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Ed makes a great point - I'd be very very worried about quality at that price. I don't get the impression that there are truly 'great deals' in bespoke (outside of Vietnam, etc - and even there you are likely trading away tailoring knowledge and a certain fashion sense/elegance).
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