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Roberto Piqueras


Lost & Found SS 13


Lad Musician AW 12


I want the Lad so bad, but it importing it is a bitch without trying it on...

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subscribing again...I remember this thread
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The Transparent Silk Nomad Parka: A Staple of Every Gentleman's Wardrobe


Damir Doma parka came in today. My mind was not prepared. Threw it together with some stuff here you go





Not What I Wore Today At All: OP/DDx2/RO/Devoa/MA+


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





The silk crape is really amazing. Feels like a museum piece it's so strange and anti-functional. Won't see any kind of wear until summer as it weighs about 0.5 nanograms. Dangly cords everywhere. Massive hood. Two interior pockets. Sheernes is way out of my comfort zone but... I like it. Need to find some flowing pants: Damir is obviously an option, Yohji, Snowman x Peri Wu who knows. Time to put it in the closet until summer and clean my filthy room

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also people need to post here more I know y'all got that baller/conceptual outerwear

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Now that summer is coming up I´m gonna be able to wear my bbs double layer coat more often, so I might take some pics and post some thoughts about it.

Btw, great parka, spacepope.

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thread is making me nostalgic
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i mis softy
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ok i'll bite. this one's pretty mild, but it's an interesting idea. my man Christophe keeps releasing a kimono/tuxedo jacket hybrid every season, and this fw13 iteration is probably the best one he's done. fabric is sick.

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 85

edit: oh, and speaking of Lemaire, there's also this fucking coat:

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Nice nice
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I get so happy every time I find a new awesome thread like this
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Still want the egg
Originally Posted by sipang View Post

Balenciaga Egg coat

Still not topped
Originally Posted by sipang View Post

I'm sorry but this will never be topped. Never...

Still for sale (in brown) spam[1].gif

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Knit coat

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i'm fond of rick's coats this season

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I think this one is kinda cool

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maybe on someone's baller/conceptual grandma

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