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Originally Posted by Thurston
Sutor Mantellassi (just arrived last week from Lance)

I like these
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^I like those too. Very interesting.

Meanwhile, back at the Polo frenzy, the 9.5s are gone as well.
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Is the 7.5 all that's left?
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meh, to think I basically maxed out my cc last on cookware and missed these EGs. I put a payment through to clear it up but it usually takes a couple days
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I just realized that I still have a pair of the 9.5 in my shopping cart (as I couldn't get the promotion code to work, so I called in my order). I'll empty it in a minute if anyone wants to grab them. I think they still exist...
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Originally Posted by Christofuh
Too late for me as I picked up identical to this Tramezzas during Father's Day sale for a little more than 50% of what the Corbens are running.

Where, where? I have been looking for a pair of the suede Tramezza Gherardo on sale for a while now.
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I want them so please release them if you don't want them
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I just did it. I hope it works out for you...
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Bravo to Drake for the headsup and spinlps for the code (it worked)!

I ordered one pair in 10.5 without discount and another pair today with discount today. I tried to cancel the one without discount to no avail, I can either return the extra pair or offer it to fellow members at cost. Let me know if you are interested.
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Just got off the phone with Polo CS. She said the only pair available as of 10AM EST was size 7.5 D

She also confirmed the order I placed 4 hours ago was not in stock and the checkout should have not let me proceed. I should expect to receive an email shortly.

I would suggest a call to confirm your order is indeed in stock.
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Looks like all that's left is size 7.5...man those went quick.

Anyone know if they will honor coupon codes after the fact? I placed my order last night without the code, I guess it's not a big deal, but an extra $60 off wouldn't hurt.
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Wait... I called in the order and the person I talked to said that the 9.5s were in stock and I put in the order. Is it possible that she wouldn't know what she's talking about... Is she just working off the website, too?
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I just called and they said mine were in stock and would ship this afternoon. Hope they are right. Don't everybody call though, or else flags are going to go up
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11.5 and 12s are both out of stock.
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Any callers get conf on suede v. calf?
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