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Thank God my wife doesn't know about this forum. If she knew that I tried to buy these, got closed out and then wasted a ton of time reading/posting on this thread - which is what will keep me at work late tonight - she'd have a $h1t fit.
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I phoned customer support who were very nice about it and are refunding the cost + the shipping. Ah well it was fun while it lasted.
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Hey, AF, the original taker for my extra pair just backed out. Are you still interested? If yes, they're yours.

Darn, I seem to have forgotten my wallet today.
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I'm confused by the email from Polo referring to "the Purple Label Corben shoe"
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Originally Posted by passingtime
I have just taken delivery and they are a rather unpleasant wholecut in a nasty brown. They are made in Italy and from the Polo range. Photos to follow...
Oh well. Anyone want my other pair when it arrives? I seriously doubt the people who PM'ed me still want them.

May I nevertheless request that everyone return their "Purple Label" shoes to the Rodeo Drive branch instead of the Mansion?
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I truly, sincerely, vehemently despise
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Everyone should wear their shoes at home for a couple of hours before returning them to Todd!
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i'm going to put a lump of coal in mine.
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This has been high theater, really. I can't believe screwed up this badly.
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That's a whack shoe at any price.
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can't wait to get my money back ......... f**k polo
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Originally Posted by chorse123

Jamison - so, tell us how you feel about your new shoes?
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"We are writing to inform you of a product description error on that may have led to you to purchase of a pair of shoes on September 10th. The incorrect copy and image for the Purple Label Corben shoe were inadvertently posted on our website. The shoe you will receive is 100% leather and made in Italy.

We see from our records that your order has already shipped. If you decide that you would like to return this purchase, please use the enclosed return label. We will waive the $5 return shipping fee and credit your original method of payment.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience."
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