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No Shave November, Anyone?

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Is anyone doing a No Shave November or know somebody who is? Supposedly it's for prostate cancer awareness. Aesthetics and workplace rules would seem against it.
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Although I was pressed for time this morning and wound up nicking my earlobe. And I did a crap job on the chin.
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I have not yet shaved in November.
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I am.
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I'd be fired if I tried it
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Oh. You only said "charity." Also, not that the rules are set in stone, but it's supposedly no shaving of the entire beard region. A moustache probably would work for many people, though.
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how bout not shaving down there for november?
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So now we punish ourselves with No Fap November and punish our sex partners with a big retro bush for No Shave November? Cruel
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Who isn't aware of prostate cancer? How will additional awareness lead to a cure? Meaningless symbolic gestures are meaningless and symbolic.
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followed by job search december?
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Originally Posted by globetrotter View Post
followed by job search december?

Followed by Alcoholic Depression January?
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Awareness doesn't equal funding (for prevention or better treatment). Compared to breast cancer, the incidence probably is similar but funding is much less. (Not that it's necessarily as bad a condition, although it might be deemed milder than it is.) That's why organizations use walks and other fund-raising tactics. The problem is that not shaving for a month probably wouldn't have much of an effect unless it were widespread and associated with an organization to collect donations. ("Oh, that's for a cause? I thought you were being lazy.") Hence the question about whether anyone is not shaving.
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Mustaches are for prostate. No shave november is not connected, correct me if Im wrong.
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i don't hear this term no shave November.i shave my chin hair every month
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