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Best Dressed Band

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Hi All

Who would you say is the best dressed band out there at the moment?
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Jonas Bro's. Duh.
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Ha, you'll get lots of snark for this. Rightfully so. However, I'll answer anyway - not the whole band, but Bryan Ferry always has style, and of course my man Charlie - see avatar. EZ
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Not exceptional but they are rarely sloppy like other rock bands.
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Interpol always dress pretty well.
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Not current but from the past -

Small Faces
The Jam
Bowie (sometimes, not the androgynous phase!)
Duran Duran
ABC (think I've seen that gold lake suit in WAYWRN!)
Temptations in silver sharkskin
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P Diddy...sometimes.

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I'm glad you wrote 'sometimes' - he would love to see himself as some kind of sartorial pied piper but he often looks like a car crash.
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Originally Posted by Ianiceman View Post
Not current but from the past -

Robert Palmer
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The Hives

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Tindersticks - 2nd album has their guitarist at a bespoke fitting as the cover.
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+1 for The Small Faces and Charlie Watts.

Kraftwerk deserve a mention too.
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David Byrne is a fan of teh drape:

...and Lady Gaga is a fan of Jefferyd's pagoda shoulders...

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