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Messenger Bag

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I have been looking into getting a new messenger bag and wanted to see what everyones thoughts were on this one.

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I really like it - do you know who makes it?
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Looks pretty cool, especially if the leather patinates well.
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Looks nice.
The question is how much does it cost? If it is under $220, I would say it is a good buy. It looks like it is vertical messenger bag, which I like the best.
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I've been searching for a leather messenger bag for a long while without result. That one is quite nice; who makes it?
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That's a nice bag.

You can also go with something like this:

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i just ordered a jack spade nylon messenger bag. since this bag will be used and thrown around, i figure nylon would be best. also, seattle rain should be no problem! oh, at $125 plus shipping, not bad.
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I use bags from www.courierwareusa.com for fly-fishing. They are indestructible.
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I use diaper bag from tinytruffles.com
It is superb quality and extremly versatile, although definately not a formal style bag.
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I used my detective skills and found the word "scully" behind the messanger bag in the attached photo. Oddly enough that is the company who makes the bag There web site is: http://www.scullyleather.com/ They are more of a western style company
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I ended up getting the bag for $100 + shipping. All in all, not bad.

Here is a link with some more pictures:


The seller said just send him an e-mail and can get more bags if anyone else is interested. The e-mail address is: luggagegifts@yahoo.com

The bag is made by Scully, who does make Western goods, which is not necessarily my style. Fortunately, the bag does not fit that motif. Scully has a reputation for quality products based on my Google search, so I feel good about the purchase.

I should have bag within a week and I will give everyone an update.

Thanks for the feedback...bpo26c
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Anyone know who makes a good softsided unstructured leather messenger?
So far checking out stuff made by Varvatos.
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It's a nice bag and hopefully it will last you for years of use.
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Received the bag yesterday. Everything about it exceeded my expectations. The leather is beautiful and the bag is very sleek. Unfortunately, I made a grave error and did not look at the size. It is too small for my laptop. If anyone is interested in purchasing it for $99, I will include free shiping w/ insurance and confirmation.

I can post more pics or answer any questions.

E-mail - bpo26c@hotmail.com

Now, does anyone else have any other messenger bag recommendations?
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