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Have you rotated seasonal clothing yet

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It is cold this morning IN NYC.
Time to pull out a flannel suit. and where is that midweight winter coat?
do I pull out the wool socks and put the lightweight cotton ones away?

linen suits and shirts are in the second closet, but lightweight suits are still in place hoping for more 60 degree weather.

how many of you switch your wardrobe in your closets.

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Together with the winter wheels on my car I changed to winter clothing
However, it will get a whole lot colder here, so I got some winter 'jokers' left...
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I'm in England and I'm still on the lighter tweeds. Or a heavy one but without an overcoat/trenchcoat.
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I keep one light grey suit for those random days in the city where it hits 70 degrees in the middle of winter. Other than that, I switched out my wardrobe a couple weeks ago, as my summer items are too summery to hang on much passed the middle of September. The wool ties are getting their first wear of the season today...

My coat will not make an appearance until at least December. I really do despise a winter jacket on the subway...
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Dropped all of my cotton and linen stuff off at the dry cleaners this weekend so that I can bag them up and put them away till next year.
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I've swapped out the clothes, but I'm loath to unpack the hats gloves and scarves yet. If I start wearing those with lows in the mid 30's, I'll be screwed when it really gets cold.
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Did this a couple weeks ago. Thankfully, I don't have a very extensive wardrobe, but madras shirts and polos were packed away and the sweaters were brought down from the attic. Winter jackets were also pulled out of storage.
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I do a staged rotation.

Light colored cottons and linens get put away first, usually at the end of September. I just put away the darker linens, linen/wool blends, and wool/mohair blends. At this point the tweeds and flannels are out in full fuzzy glory.

Doing this has really forced me to confront what an unseemly amount of tailored clothing I own. The challenge increasingly seems to be trying to wear everything at least a couple times in order to justify keeping it another year.

I think this is what they're warning about with that old "don't let your possessions own you" chestnut. And don't get me started on shoes.
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Originally Posted by Shirtmaven View Post
. and where is that midweight winter coat?

Trench coat came out a few weeks back but it's still too warm for a midweight coat.
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Don't have enough clothing to warrant teh swap. They just stay in their respective places and don't get worn 'till it's time.
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I rotated the closets a while ago. Of course, much of the stuff I have waiting for winter will be too heavy for what is slated to be a warm New Orleans winter, but I am not concerning myself with that.

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I've done some rotation already, but still keep some lighter stuff at hand in case we have some warming before it really becomes cold.

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I've put away the linens, and will have my summer suits dry-cleaned before storing them.
Summer shoes (spectators and anything lighter than chestnut) have been stashed after a good polishing, and I'm wearing black shoes about 30% of the time now. My straw panama is also being put away.

I've pulled out the covert coat for the daily commute, and my black homburg is seeing some action again. No scarves yet, but today was cold enough to require gloves.

I can't bring myself to put away the brighter ties yet - the sky is often grey, and I need colour.
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Did most of it around Labor Day, though I was still storing summer stuff as late as last week.
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Did this a few weeks ago when the weather started to turn. Though today was uncommonly mild. With the variable English climate, there's usually there's a need for occasional "bridging" items in autumn, and again in spring, so it helps not to move off-season items anywhere too inaccessible. So I use the wardrobe in the spare room for off-season stuff rather than packing them away.
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