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A lot of the marketing stuff ascribes properties very similar to wood rayon. This was asked on Google Answers with nothing definitive, but some more detail on the process. And this patent claims that bamboo fibres are an alternative process. It sure looks like these are $800 rayon sportcoats. If Isaia makes them and if honourable members attest to their virtue, then perhaps we need to reevaluate the wool hegemony.
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I'm no chemist but bamboo ain't no rayon that's fer shur. I can't attest to it's physical properties but it feels nothing like rayon.
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They feel quite different. Most would say the bamboo feels better. Also, it has odor-fighting properties. The likely reason is that bamboo is an unusual plant. Strictly speaking, it isn't even a wood. Here is a nice description. There is a bamboo viscose that requires chemical processing probably similar to that of rayon.
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