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Double edge or straight razor. Couple of my friends who had the same issue switched to the double edge, and the ingrown hairs went away aside from an occasional straggler.
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I used to get bumps under my chin years ago, but for some reason, I don't at all anymore. I still tend to have issues on the back of my scalp though, find that Dermarest Skin Treatment helps (though the one I use is actually formulated for psoriasis). I apply it at night a few times a week, and it exfoliates and reduces the inflammation.

I may switch to a single-blade, too. And maybe I'll take a trip to Philly.
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Crap. Just realized this was a two-year old thread bumped by a freaking spammer.
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Originally Posted by Margaret View Post
Crap. Just realized this was a two-year old thread bumped by a freaking spammer.

We were both totally had!
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Have you tried using a safety razor? (I use the classic safety razors from Also, try shaving in the direction that your hair grows rather than against it. That should help prevent ingrown hairs and bumps.
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What about ingrowns as a result of body hair removal? I use a phillips bodygroom and occasionally nair clear the area between and around my shoulders, neck and chest. I seem to explode with ingrowns, tend skin or not.

Needless to say, it sucks, and i've narrowed it down to a few causes...
1. Working out
2. Application of pressure, like wearing a backpack, gym back over the shoulder, or leaning back on my bed in front of the xbox 360.

It's odd, I'll shave my johnson and ballsack to a mirror sheen and I get no ingrowns. Shoulders? Tons of them. It's revolting, and I need a solution god dammit!
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electrolysis? or leave it alone.

i stopped getting ingrown hairs on my neck and jawline when i started using a double edge razor (used to use mach 3).
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At-home waxing kits, as foreign as that may sound, work like crazy for a good week and a half to two weeks. The special cloths they supply with the waxing pads take care of the skin and I've never had any problems.
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