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Hand pressing I can understand, but washing? The commercial presses do ruin shirts. But the washers don't, not in my experience.
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

Ironing does suck though.

I'm pretty sure my hatred of ironing has paid my dry cleaners' kids through college...
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I spent more money on dry cleaning when I was in college than I have since I have been out. The extra time doing things myself saves the anxiety that would bloom when inspecting my just picked up garments.
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My dry cleaner has a hand wash option that i use on all my better shirts. it's about a buck more a shirt than the standard shirt laundering and I find it to be a great option.

Lucky – all the Manhattan cleaners charge 2.5-3.0x for hand-wash.

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My shirts are machine washed and then hung and pressed. The only shirts that seemed to take poorly to this we're the ones I got from Lachter, which I attribute to the Turkish cotton he suggested I try.
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There's a cleaner in Boston that will do an "in-house" service for shirts involving cold washing, and then hand ironing. For the most part, it does no harm.

If I want to be sure about committing no harm and maybe even doing some good, I send to Rave Fabricare. But that's maybe once a year when I feel energetic, or when the collars are looking a little grubby.
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Originally Posted by Leaves View Post

Do you machine wash or hand wash your NSM shirts? Mina told me to hand wash "her" shirts (I have not received my first shirt yet) and that I would "destroy them" if I machine washed them. I love hand made items as much as the next SFer but I'm not hand washing my shirts. Not dry cleaning them is one thing, but hand washing is just too much, got enough washing to do with kids running/crawling around the house. Call my lazy. I'm guessing she's over exaggerating?

I was given the same advice but due to laziness I tried the most delicate handwash program on my machine followed by hang drying the shirts, so far after 3-4 washes I haven't noticed any negative effect.
I've used the same method on all my shirts throughout the years, bespoke, MTM as well as RTW without noticing any damage.
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Do you guys actually have bad experiences with commercial laundry, or are you just not willing to take the risk? All my shirts get the standard wash/press treatment from the neighborhood laundry, and I've never had any problems. Most are 140/2 and 170/2 poplin, and some have been washed 30+ times.
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I used to send my shirts out. Sending out seemed a little rough on them, but not so terrible that I was willing to do them all myself.
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I machine wash on delicate and use those mesh laundry bags, only because I worry (from past experience) that my buttons will chip from hitting the drum during the cycle.
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I throw in some towels, which helps keep the arms from getting too tangled. Old Kabbaz trick.
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Thanks for that tip, pB. That shit drives me nuts.
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Most fine shirting would be better off washed by hand, in any case should avoid commercial lounderers due to the thrust action and for similar reasons top loading washing machines are not ideal.

So get yourself a Miele front loading washing machine, pre-threat by hand with a bar of Marsille soap on collar, underarms and cuffs edges, soak in a bucket overnight, then put in laundry nets, delicate cycle and reduce spinning option if applicable, then on hangers to dry and iron when still damp.
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ANGTFAT? (Click to show)
Ain't nobody got time for all that
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If you have the time for all of that, but not the funds to have a personal laundress I suggest you get a fucking job.
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