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Sportcoat help

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Gentlemen: I was browsing in a consignment shop today in San Francisco called Jeremy's, which carries out of season goods from many of the higher end makers.  There was this particular sportcoat that caught my attention; I had actually seen it over Christmas and was somewhat astonished that it was still in the place.  It is a size 36 (regular I think), charcoal grey, with side vents, a ticket pocket, and working sleeve buttons.  I was looking inside the jacket for a make, but there were no labels.  The Jeremy's tag on it said RLPL, so I figured it could perhaps be Ralph Lauren Purple Label.  The price was marked down to $199, from $500 or so last time I saw it over Christmas time.  What do you guys think?  I know you don't have pictures of it, but it looked like it was in excellent condition, never worn.  Is this something that you think could come from Purple Label?  The working sleeve buttons have me thinking that it is definetely a higher end manufacturer, but I am not as good with sportcoats as I am with shirts, so I don't know as much (and this would be my first sportcoat if I purchase it).  Do you think this sounds like a good find?  Your comments and thoughts are appreciated.  Thanks for your help gentlemen. Brian P.S  If any of you know this place, please refrain from purchasing it if you happen to be a 36 like me.
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If I were you, I'd assume that this place knows what it's talking about and if you like it, purchase it (though $199 seems a little high for a consignment shop and I bet you could bargain them down 50 bucks or so at least). Then I'd take it to the Polo store in SF and ask them -- if you aren't too embarrassed to do this. If it happens to not be a Purple Label, take it back to Jeremy's. I'm sure they'd accept the return (legally, they would have to).
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pink, check the inner left breast pocket. there is usually a tag inside with the size and it may have the maker's name. for $199 i say who cares about the maker. if you like the fabric and cut and it fits you well buy it.
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If it is Purple Label the label is a violet with Ralph Lauren written in a white script.
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