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Resole America: Reviews?

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Hello, I was considering sending in a new pair of shoes to get some topy's put on. I've heard that some cobbler's do it better than others (ie sanding down so the topy is flush). From the google reviews in my area it looks like the cobblers aren't so great around here, so I was considering resole america. It looks like they charge $30 which includes shipping both ways. Anybody try them for topy's? Anybody try them for any other service? How did it go?
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anybody tried them?
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I have used them for years with great success. But in the interest of full disclosure, I must also tell you that I was previously an owner (not currently though). They do the shoe repair for most of the East Coast Nordstrom stores. If you tell them specifically what you want, they will make it happen. If you are concerned, send them in and ask for John to call you.
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I asked them to make sure they were topy's and not stick ons. Got this reply

"Hi- We do lots of Sole Saver work, primarily for the 15 Nordstrom stores to which we supply service. It is a similar item to the Topy, and is set flush. Sorry, no pics on this...John"

I think I'll give them a try.

cbbuff-thanks for the disclosure. I appreciate the reply!
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Sole Saver is a made in Italy vibram product. My cobbler uses it an I have no complaints.
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Just got my Cole Haan bit loafers back from, this is the best shoe repair service I've ever had, and I've dealt with the big boys. The quality is absolutely outstanding.
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buffaroo- wear them in health, and keep cranking.



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An owner eh Chris?  Not quite as I recall things. But hey, if it makes you happy then good for you!


Best to Ally.

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I just got a pair of worn (and treasured) birkenstocks resoled/recorked/re-everythinged.  All that was not replaced was the top leather straps.  They did an excellent job, even calling me to discuss my order when I had not chosen the correct job type.  Good service!  and the end result was awesome.  If you are getting online shoe repair, this is it.  Here is before and after pics:



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I just recently tried a resole of my Vasque boots by Resole America and was very dissatisfied in their lack of quality control.  The resoling looks okay but some of my enclosed eyelets on both boots were crushed where I couldn't even get the shoelace anglets thru the holes.  The only response I received from their questionable customer support was that yes it probably happened while pressing on the soles but I needed to take a screw driver and try to gently open them back up!  What Service and Quality Control they provide!  If I need another resole I will definitely take my business to someone else!  

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If you care anything at all about your shoes - which presumably you do or you wouldn't be spending the time, money and effort on getting them resoled - then DO NOT send them to this company!


I wish I had done a little more research before trusting this company with my favorite pair of beloved Birkenstocks. I've had these sandals for 15-20 years, so they needed to be completely recrafted (recorked & resoled). I just got them back and they are RUINED!!! The new cork and new rubber soles were heavily gouged during the sanding proces. Much, much worse than that, though, is that the leather straps were almost cut all the way through on BOTH sides of BOTH shoes -- inner & outer, right & left -- right where the cork meets the rubber. I cannot believe Birkenstock allows this company to associate themselves with their shoes in any way, shape or form.


Having said that, I will say that the turnaround time was the only thing that was even close to being what they advertise - I got my sandals back in 12 business days. So basically, it only took them 12 days to completely trash a pair of shoes I've had for 20 years. AND I paid them $82 to do it. Unbelievable.


Here's an example of their handy work....




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