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I've got a few from Kent Wang but another 50 or so that I've accumulated off of eBay over the years. Every year or two I'll run across some who is selling a dozen silk ladies hankerchiefs for $10 total that are really their grandfather's vintage pocket squares. The rest I've picked up for $5-10 including shipping.

If you're willing to devote some time to it make sure you also search for: hankerchief, scarf, hankie and "silk square". You'll develop a pretty long exclusion list on your search in short order.
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^ dont forget "pochette"
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Just swung by MW - not a big selection but picked up three solids for 6.99 each.
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I visited Men's Warehouse, Joseph A Banks, and local department stores.
They often have a carousel with pocket squares hanging off them.
Look at those and take every available color.
Don't get small squares, the best squares are about 13" or 30 cms or so on each side.
Smaller squares will fall down in your pocket and need constant re-positioning.
After you have built your basic color collection and worn them, you can start to collect more expensive squares.
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Jack some rags from your tailor then get a seamstress to roll them, either by hand or machine. Occasionally, you'll come across good silk.
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Originally Posted by enarchay View Post
I know there probably have been a few threads like this already, but this one is a bit more specific. The creative use of pocket squares in the WAYW threads can really dazzle me, but with such a variety, I often wonder: Where are you guys getting these things? I simply cannot afford to buy a variety of pocket squares from the typically recommended sites, so what options do I have? How did you guys start your collection?


There are a number of good suggestions above. I'll just add that you can also look for silk scarves or oddly patterned shirts at thrift stores and cut them to your preferred size.
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Wow! The OP says he's new to pocket squares and asks where to get them, and nearly half a dozen guys suggest that he start making his own. That's priceless. If I said I was new to driving and asked where to shop for cars, I wonder how many SFers would recommend that I build one.

Take it down a notch, boys.

enarchay, go to and grab a plain white linen square. Wear it from time to time and see if you like it. If you do, take a look at your shirts and jackets, figure out a few colors that would coordinate well with them, and buy a few more squares in those colors from Kent. Don't get carried away. Incidentally, Kent doesn't charge postage, so his squares are a steal.

Unless your wardrobe is full of unusual colors, you probably can't go wrong with these:
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Whereever I can find one, wheather it's a small boutique somewhere, online or at department stores.
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Kent Wang for me...I have ordered some from another SF member (gshen) and eagerly await them. Just keeping it in the family.
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Those of you that do it yourself, where do you find the fabric?
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Originally Posted by luftvier View Post
Century 21 in NYC often has a good selection as well.

This. All of mine were $7-$15. Sucks that C21 doesn't count squares as clothing so you have to pay tax.
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If you're near Filene's Basement they usually have a decent selection. Usually priced in the $10-$15 range.
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Kent Wang and Sonlegoman.
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I thought the kings of SF are so stylish that they just stuff any old handkerchief/rag into the breast pocket and away they go.
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The real question is: How many men actually use their pocketsquares as handkerchiefs or are they just for decoration?
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