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Hmm...need a nice sportcoat

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Hey guys,

Just wondering if you guys had any recommendations for a good Black or Dark Grey sport coat to buy that will last me a few years and still stay in style. I'm mostly looking for a slimmer cut blazer than usual, something that I can wear with a white shirt and dark jeans for a night out (the thread was inspired by the nightclub thread.). Anyone have any recommendations? I was looking at one I liked on bluefly, anyone have any recommendations as to something similar? I especially like the slimmer cut.

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It's a nice blazer but note that the cognoscenti of color are not into black.
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Personally, I wouldn't spend that much money on a black blazer, but even if I were to, it wouldn't be by Gucci. If you're just looking for a basic black blazer that won't break the bank, then check out your local malls for either/or an Express or Zara. Both of these establishments cater to the nightclub enthusiast.

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