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Michael Kors suits?

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How badly are these made? I have to admit, I really like the styling and fit on some that I see at Nordstrom Rack and the like, but I'm not in the habbit of buying crap. Please, do tell experiences, yours or others'.
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I have never tried the suits, but I made the mistake of buying a pair of Michael Kors cords on deep discount. They were made such that after a single wearing, the fly stood open at all times, exposing the zipper and making me look like a pervert. I have them in the Goodwill pile, but I'm reluctant to foist them off on someone else. A creepy open fly isn't going to improve anyone's lot in life.
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Hasn't Michael Kors brand came into existence just recently? I never heard of them until few years ago. I remember buying a shirt from them at Lord & Taylor and the quality was absolute c**p. Needless to say I returned the shirt.
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I have a navy Michael Kors suit that I wear. I was in the store and wanted a suit so bad I bought one. It was styleforum's fault because it was my first suit and I wanted to have one. I liked the style of it, but it is not made well. It is all fused and does not feel that good in material. If you wear one, you will no doubt be better dressed than most. I would not buy one again unless it was at a steep discount. I have learned of much better fits and brands from other forum members.
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Kors for men is relatively new, five years or so. I think the higher level Kors men's stuff is a luxury line but the mass stuff is as described above.
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they are sold all over place in Macy's. They are crap, the styling is good, with double vents in the back, but the material and construction are crap.
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I also learned yesterday that there are two lines of this stuff (I think). There is the line you always see at the discount stores, that has a tan lable and then there is the stuff with the brown tag. I know that the tan stuff goes for about $200-300 on sale, but the brown stuff retails for about a grand, so I think there must be a difference.
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There are two michael kors lines for men. michael kors mainline and KORS michael kors. the latter is definitely junk and is sold at macy's.
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Yes, there are many diffusion lines within the Michael Kors umbrella.

The mainline, called simply "Michael Kors," is a luxury line on par with any other designer line from Marc Jacobs to Dior to Gucci. Quality is fine, but the prices are often shocking.

KORS Michael Kors is, I believe, a women's diffusion line.

The line in question for men is MICHAEL Michael Kors. It is, as everybody has mentioned, rather crappy. The cuts are unflattering and dull, the fabrics are poor, and the shirts use cheap, plasticky buttons. While the mainline shirts are $300+, the MICHAEL line is perhaps $75, but even at this price point they are too expensive. They are no better than any shirt you'd get at JC Pennys for $19.99.

So, the suits as well are often touted at Nordstrom Rack or Off fifth as being $600 or so, marked down to $349, but I don't know that I'd pay more than $150 for one, and that was only if you REALLY liked the way it looked. Quality wise, you could get better for that price on the 'bay.

I think that initially this diffusion was intended to be a step above Van Heusen, Calvin Klein, and the like (other brands all owned by the same company), but it never really took off. I think that they aimed too low for the fashionista fans of Michael Kors (who 1) weren't going to shop at Dillards and 2) didn't want crappy, unflattering fits and fabrics) and they aimed too high for the regular, Van Heusen/Dillards/CK/Macy's market.

That's why we see so much of it on sale at Off Fifth, Nordstrom Rack, even at places like Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and Ross.
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I bought a soft, white cotton dress shirt from Nordy Rack. The material wasn't that bad and I liked the way it looked, it was only 19.99. but after only two washings the cuff is starting to become detached from the sleeve. there is a small hole on the underside. I still use it as a work shirt, but I won't be spending more than 19.99 on a michael kors shirt again.
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