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Ebay Suit Purchase - Found holes in suit

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Today, my mailman delivered my third suit purchase off of ebay. The suit is your typical conservative two-button, single breasted, center-vented, navy-blue suit made by Samuelsohn. I was very pleased with the quality of the suit (full canvas, nice dark blue weave). Being a poor college student, I was even more pleased to have acquired this suit for $36 shipped .

When I tried the suit jacket on, I did notice two small holes on the right sleeve by the forearm area. Could these holes be the result of a moth infestation? I really like the suit, yet I'm not sure I will be able to wear it because of these two small but noticeable holes. Since the seller describes the suit as being in "great condition," how much compensation should I ask from him/her (to cover repair costs if possible)?

Here is a picture of the two suit holes...sorry for the poor lighting
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Reweaving should cost about the amount you paid for the suit. That should be a fairly easy job. You should dry clean the suit ASAP to prevent any spread of moth eggs etc...
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Looks like moth holes to me.

I'd email the seller and let him know - perhaps it wasn't intentional, some times thinks like that aren't noticed right away.

It would probably cost more than $36 to have the areas rewoven, so unless you want the seller to give you more than you actually paid for the suit, I wouldn't go that route.

You got a good deal on the suit though, it might be worth it to you to pay a bit extra and get it fixed up.

Otherwise, if none of the above works out, I suppose you got a pretty decent pair of navy blue wool trousers for $36.
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hmm...Ideally, I'd like reparation fees to be under $50. What dollar amount would be fair to request from the seller because of these holes (25% deduction maybe)?
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for $36 shipped, I wouldnt even bother dealing with the seller. and those holes can be fixed, i've done it to some vintage jackets. take it to a good tailor.
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Originally Posted by Get Smart
take it to a good tailor.

Even a good tailor can futz up a re-weaving job. Take it someplace that specializes in re-weaving.
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And I agree to not sweat the small stuff. For $36 shipped you got a smokin deal. Fix the holes by reweaving and you still have a great suit at a great price.

It will cost more than $36 for the reweaving however. Figure $100. But for a good Sammy that is still a good value.

And if you don't mind the starving student look go to a craft store and get some dark circles with glue on them and apply them from the inside. Been there and done that. The dark will blend in with the Navy and it will cost you about $3.

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