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Thanks for the nice words. Janne came to New York in March as sort of a trial visit. He told me he would love to come back or visit any other city if it makes business sense. The skin was actually a lot redder than this. I played with the shading. They are still more aubergine/plum than violet as they appear here. Which makes them a bit more useful. I believe TimelessRider and a couple other forum members/lurkers have used Janne's services, too.
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That's a seriously lovely pair of shoes. Very good choice on the model, - you'll be able to wear them with just about anything. And do wear them - I have a feeling that they'll only improve with age and proper maintenance, like most really good stuff will.
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my sincere congrats on your new shoes. phenominal. due to the coloring that it being onthe dark side you would be able to obtain multiple wears and getyour moneys worth out of them .but also wearing a work of art.
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Beautiful shoes..

I wonder if the dollar will ever make it so that bespoke such as these were 1500 bucks. I could definitely see investing in a couple pairs (a year from now... goddamned new apartment, furniture, everything.... )
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lovely pair. if shoe porn is real porn, that picture would've been rated "very NSFW!" lovely color, sir. makes me want to get my own, too!
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Originally Posted by whoopee

The most logical in my wardrobe would be a medium navy with pearl and purple chalkstripes, peak lapel, one button, three piece worsted flannel suit. I have purple coats, sweaters, ties, shirts, too. But I'm neither big on matching nor shy about multiple colours, so I'll wear a lot of things with them.
Please take a picture of this outfit and post it.
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It's high time to introduce an envy-green smiley...this is as good an occasion as any.
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Absolutely stunning. If you go bespoke you may as well go for some uncommon colors. How many fittings after measurements were taken? Did you go to Sweden or wait for Janne to come back to the US for the fittings?
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Those are very, very spectacular shoes.
Anyone can disagree a bit about some style points.
However the execution looks to be just wonderful.

Here is hoping that you are able to enjoy wearing them for a long time.

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Congrats, Whoppee. Hope they keep up your bespoke spirit
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Shoes like these would be worth a trip to Sweden!
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Very, _very_ nice!!
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von Rothbart,

"How many fittings after measurements were taken?"

you asked whoopee but I hope he don't mind me answering and the answer is, none!

It might surprise some but in the tradition where I came from fittings where a rare thing. The only times was when the lastmaker where facing a client with problem feet.

Besides the tradition there is another thing of importance why fittings is not to recomend on regular basis and that is that the shoe could be damage when putting the last back. It is a stressful operation not only for the maker but for the shoe as well.

Having said this, I am pretty sure that no matter from which tradition the last maker came from he hold his breath when the client put the feet in the shoes for the first time. I am one of them that's for sure

Janne Melkersson
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Originally Posted by Nantucket Red
Shoes like these would be worth a trip to Sweden!

There's more than shoes that merit a trip there. Ever seen swedish women? Of course, the shoes could provide extra motivation.
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