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Yes they are bespoke. Including trees, shipping, and a terrible exchange rate, they are a couple hundred dollars north of 2k.

Very good deal...
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How long did it take for completion? DO you have a website of the shoemaker?
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Nice shoes. I think you got the purple shoes you wanted.
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About six months. www.melkershoes.com
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Wow, Wow, Wow. First of all congrats on the balls to order a purple shoe and especially at that price range. Second of all, they are stunning!!!!!
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If that's not pornography, I don't know what is.
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Very nice!

I think your shoes show that the other incentive to go bespoke is to get the exact leather you want...which a lot times is not available in RTW.
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Did Melker come to the US or did you travel there?

Beautiful shoes!!!

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Are these the first shoes Janne Melkersson has made for a SFer? They're beautiful, and the waist is spectacular.
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Please don't refer to your fantastic shoes as purple! They are really beautiful.

But Purple, makes me think of The Artist formerly called Prince or whatever he goes by. Prince really is kind of sartorially accomplished for his milieu, but these shoes are not his style(too bad for him!).
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oh God, ive been solicited by Janne as well recently and have been enticed to make a point to see him next year for a rtw purchase. i also told him i wanted something in burgundy or plum or cherry as that is also my favorite luxury shoe color.

after seeing those shoes you got, oh man, i definitely am going to see him next year. those are beautiful. the soles are exquisitely done and better bevelled than anything else i have ever seen.
i would keep them up in a safe bullet proof display case with a flattering light for the next few months. if i had those, i wouldn't know when i would have the nerve to break their pristineness and tread with them on in the street for the first time.
oh man , i would treat them as pieces of furniture or museum art pieces and never wear them!
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Those shoes are an absolute work of art! It looks like you got your money's worth!! I am quite jealous.
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i wouldn't have the chutzpah to wear them, but they do look great...
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Gorgeous shoes. Thank you for posting.
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