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Working sleeve buttons

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I recently purchased a suit on ebay, and need to have working button holes put in. Any idea of what I should expect to pay? All my previous ones with working button holes, the store did the work.
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I have a great recommendation for you; Atlanta Customer Clothiers, contact Ron Katis (info is in Steve's book, otherwise i can provide). This is a super deal-- $100 buys you hand-stitched buttonholes for the sleeves of your jacket, and includes shipping to you (when i say shipping, I mean a suit-box with hanger attachment at the top, so it arrives to you in pristine condition). I'd say you can't beat it.
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Thanks, I will give it a try, should I send him my sleeve measurements too, or have that done locally first?
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I would include a note to shorten sleeves X inches or fractions of an inch....the tailors are skilled enough to take the length out of the shoulder seam, if need be-- that way, you won't run into a problem I've had in the past-- only 3 buttons sewn instead of 4, as there wasn't enough "room" left after shortening from the ends of the sleeves. Did I mention the fast turnaround? I live in knoxville, which is only 3 hours from Atlanta-- but they have been doing the work for me in about 2 days, and sending back via UPS. REALLY a great deal, and very fine workmanship.
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Here's a newbie question: Besides the satorial appeal of having working sleeve buttons, are there any real functional uses for being able to unbutton the sleeves of your suit?   I just can't imagine a situation when I would unbutton those buttons.  Do they make the sleeves fit better?
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If you wanted to roll up your jacket sleeves for some reason, you could use the buttons. The legend goes that doctors delivering babies would roll them up or something like that. Supposedly they are also called doctor's cuffs or surgeon's cuffs for that reason. Seems a bit implausible in my opinion, but there you go.
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For me, it is purely for the sartorial or vanity side. I don't do it because I want to be noticed, as it is unlikely that anyone will take note. I do it because in a strange sick way, I find that I carry myself better and more confidently when I am wearing a very fine suit with all the trimming including working buttons, than I do when I just throw on a suit and tie. And isn't that why we dress nicely in the first place?
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I had it done awhile back by a tailor who charged @$80 as I recall.
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