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I actually think the selvage socks are funny because it's a humorous reaction to denimnerdology. It'd be 1/2 worthy if it were actually made of selvage. But don't worry, I'm sure MS&Co is already working on that, probably as a collab with Hill Side.
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Pyongyang: The New Final Frontier You simply couldn’t get jeans exclusive enough. Oh sure, you started with APC two years ago but you’ve been chasing the indigo dragon ever since. Those KMW AWAs and Oni Shoais sit in the back of your closet collecting dust, the mere thought of them makes you feel both nauseous and embarrassed. This last time you resorted to selling off most of your wardrobe, and when that wasn’t enough you even sold your blood for months, just to scrounge up enough cash to pay a friend of a friend to make a back-alley deal in Okayama for a bespoke pair that some 83 year-old blind paraplegic hand-dyed 88 times in natural indigo in his bathtub. BUT IT WASN’T ENOUGH, WAS IT? More after the jump.
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Damn that shirt is pretty sweet. What size did you cop it in?
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That chick's body reminds me of my gf, but less curvy, where did they find an ass like that in NK
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It's Swedish.
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"Please, say hello to the Korean selvage! Not actual selvage, but actually, it is. In a way." What does this mean?
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Buddy, I wish I knew.
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I don't have tumblr, so I will leave this message here.

nice blog who, it's always nice to read one thats actually funny and not just trying in vain.
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MAn, that broads got a nice ass.
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They're dangerous:

You may order from our shop, but you will do so at your own risk. Goods from North Korea always has a risk of getting confiscated in the American customs. If you want to be 300 000% sure that this wont happen you can apply for at the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).
Contact OFAC here:
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Thanks, robbie. Hopefully there'll be more next week after exams and such.
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You think you could all escape Black Friday? Stay tuned.
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denim fades with your leath fades.
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Originally Posted by skolatchi View Post
omg wtf lol etc.

That actually looks pretty nice, the contrast in colors and textures and the general shape of the boot.
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