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The guys over at were taking credit for "asshat" about a year ago. My favorites include but are not limited to: 1. Cunt-rag 2. Ass-neck 3. Bottom of the Bag
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odoreater to some kid that was being a wiseass the other day: "you little shit."
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i just watched A Piece of the Action starring james earl jones, sidney poitier, and bill cosby, so the first thing that comes to mind is "Tittysucker".

otherwise i like "Moron"

or "Einstein" for sarcastic moments.

"No shit, Sherlock" is a good standby.

but what really puts most people down is a nice dose of condescension, followed by icy indifference.
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#%&*"n dolt!


meth head

these can be used together for those special occaisions
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Lepton (mainly because the average person has no clue what it means); also applies to troglodyte.

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Mullet Hair

Inbred Success
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Bastardized son of a cow.

You should've been swallowed.


When in a hurry: asshole, shithead, motherfucker, cunt...or all those in succession.
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Originally Posted by Rome
The guys over at were taking credit for "asshat" about a year ago.
Asshat was definitely around before fark.
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I second Muppet

Donkey is good.

As a cast away line to someone you intensely dislike, I quite like the simple "I hope you die soon" before sauntering off nonchalantly.

"Sweet Bloke" or "Right Fella" mean of course the opposite.

A sarcastic "Good work" or "Well done" has it's place, as does "Another successful experiment by Professor Pie-head"

It is hard to beat the intense hatred that is carried with the old favourite - "wanker"
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Not in any order,

Fish stick


Packer Fan

Grub Stick



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Please use your head for something other than candy storage. Or just "Do you have Rollos in your head?"

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Possibly my favorite of all time:
"Your ass sucks putty balls."

Insults that employ weak rhyme are particularly effective:

Ass bandit
Ass master (thanks, South Park)
Cum chugger

Then there's the trusty "fudge packer."

About 20 years ago I was working on a construction crew where the choice put-down was "needle-dicked bug fucker" -- pretty creative.
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