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pencil neck geek!
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Vile old sow
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lager larry
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Originally Posted by acidicboy
pencil neck geek!
Wasn't that a Dr. Demento song?
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Originally Posted by Nantucket Red

now that's just rude.
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Yeah, I was going to post

"Poo Eater"

But now that Silly-Head has been unleashed, I don't see the point. I've been trumped!
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FUB - Fat useless bastard.

TNB - Thick northern bastard.

Shandy swilling, saveloy eating southern poofter- anyone from the Home Counties.

Viet Jock- an annoying Scottish nationalist type.

Viet Taff- Welsh equivalent.

Culshee- stupid inbred country types from the northern parts of Ulster.

A Sammy- Someone from Belfast, not too offensive, but certainly not complimentary.

A Spide- Belfast equivalent of a Chav.

A Millie- Female Chav from Belfast.

Conehead - someone from Norfolk.

OSLO - outer space liaison officer- anyone particularly out of touch or who makes stupid and impractical suggestions.

A Whenwe - someone who constantly tells boring or irrelevant tales, usually name dropping to try to impress, as in "When we were in...."

Elevenerife- someone who, no matter what you have done, or where you have been they have done it or been somewhere better, as in if you have been to Tenerife, he has been to Elevenerife.

Ten men- someone who thinks they are hard or particularly physically impressive when they clearly are not, as in "He thinks he is as strong as ten men"

Gearbox - an ugly woman, as in "she has more teeth than a Ferrari gearbox"

Fusebox - ugly woman again, as in "she has a face like a burnt out fuse box"

Benny - in general a very dim witted ( but harmless) male, especially in working mens clothes and wearing a watch cap. I believe Gomer Pyle is probably the US equivalent. Named after a character in a soap opera. Was frequently used to describe Falkland Islanders. (see below)

Still - Falkland Islanders were routinely referred to as "Bennies" by British Servicemen, until the matter was raised in Parliament and an order was given by the General Officer Commanding that they were not to be referred to as such. They them became "Stills", as in "No matter what the General says, they are still f**king Bennies"

Septic- A US citizen, the Australian slang "Sepo" has the same derivation, from rhyming slang, septic tank - Yank
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This should be STICKIED for future reference. Fartknocker. Buttmunch. Butthead. Bunghole. Homeowner.
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Penguin (or just Guin)- someone who is useless under pressure, as in they flap a lot and get nowhere.

Sweaty Sock- sometimes abbreviated to just Sweaty - a Scottish person, rhyming slang, sweaty sock- Jock.

Merchant Banker (or just Merchant) - rhyming slang - wanker.

Stab- a member of the Territorial Army (US equivalent is National Guard I think)- Stupid Territorial Army Bastard.

Arab- a member of the Regular Army (used by TA Soldiers)- Arrogant Regular Army Bastard. An Arab can also be a Formula 1 Grand Pr ix, as in an Arab- a dangerous race.

Nitwit- someone newly arrived in the theatre of operations or abroad in general from the UK- Nitwit- New in theatre with insufficient tan.

Slop Jockey- an Army Chef

Jaffa- just another fat fucking arsehole. Can also be someone who is infertile, as jaffa - seedless.

Social hand-grenade- someone who when they have drunk too much (which is every time) insults and annoys everyone around them.

Double bagger stumpy- the worst of all insults relating to a woman's attractiveness. Comes from the three categories of ugly women- 1. Single bagger, as in (before I slept with her) she was so ugly I had to put a bag on her head. 2. Double bagger, as in she was so ugly I had to put a bag on her head and one on mine too, in case her's ripped open. 3. Double bagger stumpy, as in she was so ugly I had to put a bag on her head, and one on mine in case her's ripped open, and in the morning when I woke up she was lying on my arm, and rather than wake her up so I could leave I just chewed my own arm off.
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Our friends across the pond have always been masters of insults, thanks Nonk.

Some of my favorites:


pole smoker

fucking dickfour



douche bag

piece of lose

TTBF (tendancy to be fat)

and my all time favorite...

fucking donkey
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White people slang in the US is so totally inferior to white people slang in the UK. I'd try to appropriate some of those, Nonk, but I'm too fucking septic (or would that be "too much a fucking Septic"? Noun, adjective, both?).
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Originally Posted by Nonk
Stab- a member of the Territorial Army (US equivalent is National Guard I think)- Stupid Territorial Army Bastard.

I have also heard of the TA being referred to as SWAT - Some Weekends And Thursdays.

are you getting all of these out Roger's Profanisaurus?

i left my coppy in the shitter round at my families, an excellent read by the way.
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Bowie stare n.
The sight of a knickerless stripper's brown eye and pink eye as she turns her back on a chap and bends over. Named after the famous wonky-eyed half rice-half chips crooner David.

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