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Uncool dad needs jeans shopping help

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All right guys, I only own Levi Jeans myself, and know nothing about anything on this forum. The problem is not me though - it's my junior high schooler.

What are the "in" brands for teens today, and where do I buy them? This forum is probably geared to the 20 seomthing crowd, but I'm hoping you wil lhave insight to the teen crowd.

I'm in the midwest, so I don't have NY caliber selection. My son suggests A&F, AE, Aeropostale, and Hollister.

what in the world am I looking for?

Thanks, from a formerly cool dad.
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Look for Levis
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My suggestion is that you stay away from Abercrombie and Fitch, due to the fact that they are super overpriced. So unless you feel like spending $30 on a t-shirt and maybe close to $100 on jeans. Hollister is alright, things can get pretty expensive though, but it's just a toned down A&F. Aeropostale is pretty bad, you can find better clothes in JC Penny's, Macy's, and Sears thay you can there. American Eagle is pretty good, well priced and good quality clothing. Most of their stuff isn't too expensive, the most expensive jean is $70 which might be considered a little expensive. If you really want to set you son up right, try finding the nearest discount stores, such as TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Lohman's, ect, and have him look around and see if he likes anything.
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Thanks guys. Helpful. I'm not real price sensitive (but he's not getting $200-$1,000 jeans).

What's the current concept? Buy dark jeans, never wash them, and watch them fade? Heck - maybe I'll even buy a pair. To me denim was always denim. Without being real jeans-fashion conscious, what is one looking for in general? (If someone can point me to a "primer" thread, I'll read that. Most of this forum is way over my head)

Thanks again.
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Slim jeans seem to be what's "in" at the moment. Getting a pair of jeans with subtle features like white stitching is always a plus. Stay away from overly stressed or bleached jeans - they're just ugly. I also tend avoid jeans with printed patterns on the back pockets ect. because for me denim is ment to be casual and not overly busy or flashy. And just for the record, I'm not a fan of NOT washing jeans. I have some friends who have done and I just don't see the point.
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go to JCPenney's and get some Levi's. he'll look great and you won't have to break the bank. a pair of 501s, some Chucks, and a nice fitted t-shirt from whatever band he likes and he'll look better than 90% of his class.

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You're buying jeans for yourself? Or your son?
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For his son, I do believe.

I would avoid A&F, AE etc. if at all possible mainly because most of their jeans come in garish washes and/or with distressed effects, which means they tend to go out of fashion quickly, whereas a pair of Levis on the other hand, won't.
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I'm in chicago and I work at a boutique. All the cool kids that I see coming in from the suburbs are going for the dark jeans, hi-tops/nike's, high graphic t-shirt. Y'know like kids should dress-clothes that fit and are bright-like the future. Just make sure his clothes fit.
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Originally Posted by seen
You're buying jeans for yourself? Or your son?
Yes - for my son. I'm glad to hear my age-old Levi's aren't completely passe. I just remember my mom buying me toughskins from Sears. I'm trying to be more teenager-aware than my parents were.
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Why does your jr. high kid need to look cool? I guess I shouldn't be so critical since I probably cared about how I lookd in 8th grade. The only difference is No Fear and Levi's were the "premium" clothes back then.
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If you buy him something we think is cool, but isn't what all the popular kids in his school are wearing, is he going to believe you? At that age, most people just want to have what the cool kids are wearing, which is probably (unfortunately) A&F. Basically whatever's popular with the fratboys of the moment. And the "cool fratboys" (ha ha) are wearing stuff that's even more expensive than A&F, like Nudies or PDCs, and since he will grow, that's a bad investment IMO. Does he care more about the look or the label?

Not meaning to impugn your son, just remembering what I and everyone was like at that age.
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yeah, toughskins kind of sucked; but if my mom sent me a pair of toughskins now, she'd be hip.
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Anyway, if the kid is going to stay the same size for a while, and for yourself, I suggest APC New Standards for a first pair of raw jeans for a person in good (slim) shape. If in other shape, you might want one of the other APC cuts. See the APC sizing thread for the fun of choosing the size.

If you are close to a Uniqlo or can get stuff from one, I'd also suggest that for a growing kid, since they are very cheap, good quality and the cuts are pretty good too.
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Second APC for yourself and Uniqlos for the son.
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