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I'm considering purchasing a pair of raw denim, but wouldn't that bleed onto my shirts/seats/jackets/etc?
I also get caught in the rain a lot... what about that? Would indigo get everywhere if that were to happen?
The pair I'm most interested in at the moment are the APC NS.
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if i'm not wrong, you're supposed to soak it in water for a while to let it bleed first.
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I've never had a problem with my NS' bleeding on anything. I've been wearing them for months without a wash(weird to type that :P), and have not bled on anything @ all. I've been caught in the rain multiple times, as well as wearing them after getting out of a pool, and generally dry my wet hands on 'blood'. In a white shirt right now after being caught in the rain today with them on....Shirt's still white, jeans are still raw --Wade
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Most raw jeans aren't going to crock too badly. Exceptions, the Sugar Cane satokibi line, Denime... Help me out, here... uh...
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