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I'm taking a trip to HK for vacation in the spring, and figured it'd be a good opportunity to invest in my first bespoke suit. After some researching into the forums, I was pretty much set on going to WW Chan, as the house seems to consistently get pretty good reviews here on SF, among other places.

However, after talking to some relatives, I'm being heavily persuaded to cancel my appointment with WW Chan and go with the family tailor, the Regent Shop, which has several establishments, most notably with one in The Pennisula hotel and one in the Regent hotel (which I believe is now called the InterContinental HK Hotel). The price is considerably lower than the entry level prices for WW Chan, and I don't know if that's indicative of the fact that my family is friends with the owner, or a sign of the quality of the products made there.

Does anybody have any experiences with the Regent Shop tailors? Much appreciated!