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I read articles on this site occasionally. For those who aren't familiar, it has articles on all sorts of things from entertainment, to fashion, to sports, etc.

Today, it had some "advice" for articles of clothing in your wardrobe to splurge on and others to skimp on based on what people will notice. I got a good laugh on their suggestions. Here are a couple:

With so many choices of denim these days, it's easy to buy most of your jeans for a lower to moderate cost. Feel free to experiment with different styles and looks by spending less on jeans. One caveat: Whether you wear jeans every day to the office or just for nights out, do spend a little more on one dark-colored pair with a slightly boot-cut leg, as you'll look great in them no matter what you pair them up with, and they'll actually improve with a bit of age. Additionally, if the rest of your jeans are inexpensive, occasionally wearing a more expensive pair with the label prominently displayed will give the impression that you spend more on all of your jeans than you actually do.

A great watch may well last you the rest of your life and will stylishly enhance anything you wear. To make sure you buy a timeless piece, go for something with a black leather band and a silver or, if you can afford it, a diamond face.

A watch with a diamond face and making sure you "prominently display" your jeans label? Who are the people who come up with these things?

Complete Article Here
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Choose a black suit whose pieces can be worn as separates, and look for straight-cut pants and a sharply tailored blazer. Wear the pants with a classic white-collared shirt for a semiformal occasion and dress up scruffy jeans and a T-shirt with the blazer and some sleek black runners for a night out.

First part is horrible. Black suit as your only suit? Suit seperates? Second part..."scruffy jeans and a T-shirt...sleek black runners" it still 2002?

Never spend more than necessary on basics like T-shirts, button-up shirts and other casual shirts. These pieces will be worn and washed often, and will therefore wear out more quickly.

Wouldn't it make more sense to invest wisely in necessary basics that will be the staple of your wardrobe? It seems that spending the money will get you items that fit better, look better, and will be of higher and more durable quality (i.e. longer lasting). Buying low-quality basics and re-purchasing them over and over again seems wasteful.

Save on ties, but take into account the texture of the tie and be sure to choose only ties made from quality materials -- such as silk -- as these feel much nicer to wear and be tied up in.

Do they still make ties in anything but silk? (aside from wool/cashmere wovens, or cotton-silk blends) I have never seen a polyester tie at a retail store, unless it was a novelty printed tie. Even Target sells fairly nice woven silk ties for $15-$20.

Good thing they didn't get into shoes - I'm sure they'd recommend some plastic-y square-toed Kenneth Cole model. "Be sure to get the coated leather - it will stay shiny for longer, and never need to be polished. Also, choose a rubber sole, which is more durable than a leather sole."
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A lot of advice is a huge advertising plug. Pretty much every fashion article that I've read was a subtle, if not blatant attempt at pushing a product. This should come as no surprise, since most of the readers are essentially asking to do the shopping for them (in the form of fashion advice).
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Ahhh to think, all that time on StyleForum wasted. I could have just read They even have convenient hyperlinks so that I can just buy as I read.

Styleforum, thou hast forsaken me

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At times I really wonder if is just a huge, elaborate joke. But what's sad is there are actually plenty of guys out there who listens to these 'advices'.
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Originally Posted by seen
At times I really wonder if is just a huge, elaborate joke. But what's sad is there are actually plenty of guys out there who listens to these 'advices'.
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