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Will post pics and measurements soon, but wanted to quickly post this.

I am offering for sale a very sharp double-breasted Belvest blazer, European size 54 Long. I cannot tell if the blazer is really dark gray or black, but it certainly does not have that stark, empty look that typical black suits/jackets have. I think this is due in part to the extremely luxurious fabric, which is a 3-season wool/cashmere blend with a fantastic hand, really has a nice depth to it. All the usual details of high-end garments are found on this jacket - pick stitching, silk herringbone lining, fully-canvassed construction. Made in Italy.

Jacket is in great shape, with spare buttons enclosed in a bag in the pocket. I'm looking for $130 shipped in the US. There is one faint 1/6" spot on the lapel where the fibers seem to be matted down for some reason - not sure if a tailor can do anything to 'brush' them back up.