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Thanks! I'd never heard of them... Looking through their site, the Ampton jacket looks perfect...


Anyone familiar with Waterville sizing? It doesn't appear they offer this in a long... I'm probably somewhere between a 50-52 (US 40-42).
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They make for a number of other brands but don't really push their own label.
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Looking at the pics on finaest.com, the waterville jacket looks ridiculous.  Of course, that whole site seems like a master class in how to take unflattering pictures...  WTF?


Here's the Ampton, in all it's glory:




So, while I'm not really interested in that look, I can't help but post this gem:




Who approved that picture?

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They probably recruited a stylist from Yoox.    This is so bad

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Ended up going with that PRL jacket. It's nice... A little roomy in the body, but nothing a minor alteration can't fix.
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That time of year. Looking for a quilted jacket. Slim fit / tapered, something that I can layer (under), a poly exterior (no wool or cotton), buttons and zip. Maybe hacking / ticket pocket or patch, <$400? I've searched high & low. Seeking something between a sport coat look and jacket.

Is this stuff crapola (Massimo Dutti)? I like the style.

Any reccos?
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